Designated Driver

It’s lighten up Monday! Hope you had a fun weekend – but not as fun as the friend you’ll hear about in today’s clip…

[youtube id=”ckr-BEOjNkc”]

This week’s lighten up Monday clip was taken from Good News.


  1. I’ve had the experience of being the designated driver…I hadn’t driven! Friends and I went to an establishment, I was drinking coke (I chose the alcohol free life a LONG time ago), they were drinking mostly beer. End of the night, the bartender came with the tabs, gave each their total, turns to me and says, “Yours are on the house as the designated driver.” I smiled, held out my hand to my buddy who HAD driven and said, “Hope you’re sober enough to tell me how to get outta here!”

  2. Since I’m 14, I’m not old enough to drink. But. I NEVER want to. The lives I’ve seen ruined, the families I’ve seen absolutely shredded till there is not a piece of love there. Thats NOT fun, that’s NOT a ‘good time’, it is DEMONIC. Glad to hear you recognised that yrs ago Ken!
    Bless you!

  3. Sure don’t miss those days … quit drinking & smoking about 20 years ago … THANK THE LORD THAT HE HELPED ME DO IT THEN & WILL CONTINUE THE REST OF MY LIFE!

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