Don’t Be a Me Monster!

Happy Lighten Up Monday! Today’s clip is from comedian¬†Brian Regan. We can all be “Me Monsters” from time to time – enjoy this hilarious perspective!

[youtube id=”qBJ6yptGqm4″]


  1. We learn in AA and treatment, the only time we can be selfish is with our recovery. As a Co-Dependent, many times I took care of everyone else, but me. Then I would throw a pity party for myself because nobody ever takes care of me!! Duh, because only I can make myself happy. I had distorted expectations for everyone around me. The key is…find balance in your life. As far as the Me Monster…I fight daily to keep him under wraps…I find myself telling my teenagers a lot now, “The world doesn’t revolve just around you…it isn’t always about you.” as before I would just try to fix their problems and stay busy keeping them happy, because then I didn’t need to look at my own issues and character defects. Now, nightly I take my personal inventory, make amends for my mistakes the next day if I didn’t catch them right away. Nobody likes a Me Monster…lol, sometimes that fuels peoples addictions too. Thank you for your blog!

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