Spring Sinuses Are Coming….

Happy Lighten Up Monday! Caution! Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery with a sinus infection!


  1. Little free advice. If you ever go to an emergency room with blood running down the side of your head and the admitting nurse asks,”what happened?” Do not answer with “do you want the truth or a lie?” Then when she say the truth, do not proceed to tell her that your wife dropped your wheelchair on your head. The first thing she will say after she gets done laughing hysterically is, “I really do need the Truth.” After producing a witness who swears that you are telling the truth everybody in the hospital comes by and asks how in the world did your 300 lb get lifted up and then dropped on your head. Next time this happens, and in our house it will, I’m going to tell them that i think I have a major sinus infection.

  2. You REALLY need to put disclaimers on these hysterical clips. Disclaimers like, DO NOT eat your lunch or drink something in front of your work computer while watching this video clip – otherwise we cannot be held legally or otherwise responsible when your boss threatens to charge you or fire you because you just ruined a very expensive electronic because you were using it for personal reasons vs. work related reasons. Little do our bosses realize, we watch you on our work computers because of them:D On the other hand, we can say we just got sick and need to go home. Yep, that’s what I’ll do next time vs. worrying how in the world am I going to clean this mess up before he comes back from his week-long lunch hour.

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