Midnight Rantings

Good Morning! It’s lighten up Monday, and I hope you have a spectacular week. Have you ever been woken in the middle of the night by a sinister noise?¬†If so, you will identify with this clip.
[youtube id=”EB8cLvaO7kQ”]


  1. Haha! Our neighbor man chased a robber through the neighborhood early one New Years Eve wearing nothing but his underwear. The headlines said, “Lack of Clothes Makes Hot Pursuit a Chilly Ordeal”

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    2. Das ist nat√ɬľrlich immer der Nachteil an doFollow. Man bekommt viel “Spam” aber dann Askimet bleibt das ganze ja noch in Grenzen.Passend dazu kann ich ich sagen Bist in der doFollow liste mitaufgenommen *gg*

    3. Omen · gioved√ɬ¨, 22 novembre 2012, 3:33 pmOdifreddi ha pubblicato un post indecente (almeno a mio parere) e non solo politicamente scorretto, ma soprattutto stupido, degno di giornalacci come Il Giornale o Libero. Bene hanno fatto a chiudergli il blog. Altro che censura.Ottima chiosa, sempre misurata

    4. Lol I’m sitting at the bar at cuddys drinking some lemonade that’s waaaaay too sweet right now reading this, too funnyAnd leave it up to jdid to pop in with that question, cuhdear!peppers last blog post..

    5. Jezu, co za mato√Ö‚Äöek pisze te artyku√Ö‚Äöy nie ma czego√Ö‚Äļ takiego jak z√Ö‚Äöoty standard (gratuluje kreatywno√Ö‚Äļci) – jest parytet z√Ö‚Äöota w walucie. Na prawd√Ą‚ĄĘ s√Ą‚Ķ lepsze sposoby t√Ö‚Äöumaczenia ni√Ö¬ľ Google….

    6. Felicity is such a hot little cocktease!!! She treated me like her own personal wallet. She was so sweet while she disrespected, controlled, and frustrated me. I loved the way she lied to me and used me. She was SO selfish! Her young voice was so cute and sexy. I loved tipping her. I will be calling again.

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