My Wife and I Have Never Had an Argument… Yeah Right!

Good Morning!  It’s Lighten up Monday and I am in sunny Florida conducting our SCORRE™ conference.

This morning I was reminded of how much I love being around real people who are willing to acknowledge imperfection and work toward excellence.  Nothing destroys relationships, or impedes growth more than pretending to be perfect.  As you will see in this clip, it also makes you look funny!
[youtube id=”bZRADKPkzak”]

Today’s Clip taken From:
Fully Alive (DVD) by Ken Davis

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  1. Great message, Ken, and fun too. Thanks. Have a great conference. One of these years I’m going to meet you there. Blessings.

  2. wish I could have afforded to come to SCORRE and meet you. Your my inspiration each day, not to take life so seriously.

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