Solving Your Kid’s Car Fights

Good morning friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday! Have you ever experienced the “thrill” of children doing combat in the back seat while you try to navigate traffic? At the end of this video is a solution you might want to try.
[youtube id=”8Ps9MmzHh8U”] [reminder]What solutions have you used?[/reminder]


  1. Oh memories! We drove half way across country with our kids fighting in the back seat (this was of course long before the days of smart phones, iPads, portable DVD players and the like). When we arrived at our destination we thought we would do a little game of role reversal with them. We set up chairs to mimic a car and put our don in the driver’s seat, while we sat in the back and started fighting as per their behavior on the trip. They were silent for a few moments, then our son turned around and scowled at us, “Of you don’t sit back and shit up I’m going to stop this car and let you out!” End of lesson!

  2. Memories of trips from Mississippi to Arkansas (for visits with family) came flooding into my momory as I listened to Ken Davis tell this story. There were five of us kids against my poor parents. Usually my younger sister and I would end up in a verbal battle on the way home. Somewhere between Vicksburg and Laurel Dad would end up stopping the car and ‘calling a truse’.

  3. I remember going to camp every weekend all summer and my Dad saying “If I have to stop this car you are all going to be sorry” or “I am going to build 3 cages back there”!

  4. My three girls used to fight quite frequently in the back seat. I am one of those drivers that likes to have quiet so I can concentrate on the traffic. I always told the girls that if they didn’t stop fighting, we would go back home & they would have to go to bed. Saturday’s were always special, just about the only time I had to spend them due to my working. One Saturday, we were rolling along on the highway, the fighting started, I made three requests for them to stop. Well, they didn’t so I took the next road off the main highway, turned around & headed back home. Of course they were in shock, don’t think they knew I would really head back home. We got home & of course, the promises started flying that they wouldn’t fight anymore. I held true to my threat, gave them a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, after that they were off to bed. I am happy to report, they never fought in the car again.

  5. Both kids had to put their hands on the ceiling. They can’t touch each other and I can see them in the rear view mirror easily. When their arms are tired, they settle down so they can put them down.

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