The Most Intense Argument

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Here’s a question that’s sure to stir up a long discussion: “Where do you want to eat tonight?” Can you think of other simple questions that can start a silly argument? [reminder] [youtube id=”TCnx2aeNz_8″]

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip was taken from my DVD, Under the Influence.


  1. Sounds like my wife, she says “go where ever you want”. But doesn’t like something about about anywhere I choose.

  2. I must be a sap, but I truly want my wife to decide . Her choices are always good ones. I will eat anything. So when she asks me “where do want to eat”,I really,really don’t care.

  3. Ken, Ed & I have.(I think every one of your dvds. We are looking forward to the Bill Gaither cruise in 2018 to especially see you!!!!!

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