Two Words of Advice from Bob Newhart

Hey, Wake up!  It’s Lighten Up Monday!  Sometimes the behaviors that limit us are complex and require time and counseling to resolve.  Other times we are just avoiding the obvious and prolonging the agony.

In those moments we need to follow the advice of Bob Newhart.  This makes me laugh every time I watch it.  It also makes me pull up my big boy pants and get on with life.

[youtube id=”Ow0lr63y4Mw”]


  1. Today I have determined to also “START IT”! There are things I have been needing/intending to do in order to live fully alive. Not ready to be buried alive (or dead) in a box! You are a great inspiration. Thanks for your encouragement and for always making me laugh!

  2. Absolutely hilarious….made me laugh…a gut laugh right out loud. But on another level it actually makes a person think about how we allow neurotic thoughts control us….when we should just “STOP IT!”

  3. Well put…though in a humorous way, this segment has a point…a thought provoking point…besides coming from a person who is satirically funny!

  4. Several years ago, my pastor actually preached a sermon on this theme after showing this to the congregation. It’s a classic! Thanks for sharing.

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