Walking in Circles

I know it’s Lighten up Monday, most everything else I have forgotten. For those of you who are older, you will recognize the symptoms. For those of you who are younger, this is what’s coming. Have a great week friends.
[youtube id=”5MNFGm25pIE”] Did you know that God is forgetful? “I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” (Jeremiah 31:34)  That’s very good news!

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip is from my DVD, Ken Davis & Friends.


  1. I experience this at least once a day, most of the time more than once a day.

  2. Today’s ‘circles’ short is perfect …. and your Monday eMail helps me remember why I sat down at my computer anyway … LOLove God Bless

  3. Actually, Ken, when I leave a room and come back I almost always remember why I headed there in the first place! A little older and that little trick may quit working as well. 🙂

  4. Your warning has come too late Ken, I’m already there. Wait, what were we talking about…

  5. My daughter and I enjoyed seeing you in Orlando last evening, and such a pleasure to meet Dianne, your lovely wife. Listening to your many stories and humor have helped me tremendously in the past three years since my husband passed away, humor definitely is a gift from GOD. Please continue to share this Love of the Lord with us around the country..

  6. My daughter and I enjoyed your program in Orlando last evening, and to be able to meet your lovely wife, Dianne. Listening to your stories and humor has helped me feel better through sad moments since my husband passed three years ago, and my daughter and I pray for your ministry to continue to encourage and uplift through the Love of Christ.

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