Hidden Talents

Have You Buried Your Talents?

Hidden Talents

If you ask children what they want to be when they grow up, you’re likely to hear, “ballerina,” “professional baseball player,” “artist,” or some other seemingly impractical response.

But then something happens. We grow up. And we often put away what many consider to be childish dreams.

I guess now is a good time to confess that I am a secret amateur artist. Years ago I made extra money to finish college by doing oil paintings and then I put down the brushes for almost thirty years.

Recently I investigated watercolor and was hooked. I love doing watercolor paintings. Like life, watercolors are unpredictable. One has to learn to make beauty out of what the paint decides to do. I am a controlling person so this is a real challenge for me.

My friend, Michael Hyatt, had a similar experience. In the same way that I put down my brushes, he put down his guitar, and just recently discovered the joy of picking it back up again.

[reminder] What have you put down? Do you have a hidden talent that has long been buried?[/reminder]

By the way, the picture at the top of this post is a watercolor painting of a bluebird photograph sent to me by my cousin, Jim Christensen. His ability to capture unique images of nature inspires me to paint. Jim sees the color in life we so often miss.


  1. Cousin Jim’s painting is gorgeeeose. Your thoughts inspire us, so keep thoughting. We appreciate it.

  2. Such a beautiful bird!!
    I just LOVE drawing <3 my goal is to recreate a photograph with just pencils, blending sticks, kneaded eraser & paper. God is helping me to slowly achieve this <3 but I played the violin from 4th grade through 12th grade and told my parents "no more". For 25 years I left it alone…. Until my Dads passing 3 1/2 years ago. Instead of turning to alcohol, I decided to honor him ….& my mom ( who loves to listen) by taking lessons and playing at various nursing homes and other events.
    I also played some guitar in school, but gave that up, until a few months ago 🙂 My hubby has been teaching me 🙂

  3. Hi to you cousin Ken!! This is Bev’s daughter Tara!! Grandma Brown/Zaiser started painting with water colors a few years back and we couldn’t believe how beautiful she painted and at her age. She is no longer able to as health problems get worse. Very sad as she loved it so. Fine example on not being aware of a wonderful talent. ( one of her several talents) please could you keep her in your prayers!! Thank you and God Bless!!

  4. That’s a watercolor? I had to take a second look when I read that at the end of the article. I thought at first that was a photograph. Goodness gracious, Ken…that’s awesome!

  5. Ken, I have been saying for YEARS that we are all born knowing exactly what we are suppose to do, we dream of it when we are children, but the… life gets in the way and we forget. I started painting once again several years ago, doing acrylics and have sold a few. But that then lead me to photography which has been such a wonderful eye opening and fabulous experience! Thank God I stopped, and made the time to listen to Him and went back to my dreams…

  6. I did that very same thing, Ken. I studied after Keith Ferris (who has a long association with aviation art) when I was in the Air Force, and painted my own aviation art at that time to supplement my income. I have paintings that hang in prominent places. Work eventually took over the time I had to paint, so I took up photography. I do fine art landscape photography full time now, with a nod to my painting compositional skills and understanding of light from back in the ’70s. Never give up on that itch that tends to stay with you of your God-given talents!

  7. I wanted to be an artist in my younger days also, even did an art
    course. I came to realize God didn’t give me a talent for painting, although I
    can draw a pretty good stick figure, but He did give me a talent for wood
    turning which I love doing. All thanks to My Lord and Saviour.

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