Caricature Artists Don’t Lie…


…they exaggerate the truth! They have the gift to see what makes each of us unique and accentuate that (quality???) They make it so easy to identify an image unmistakably. See the receding hairline? See the cheeks that look like I am storing nuts for the winter? See the “Jay Leno” chin? It’s me!

Am I offended?  Absolutely not.  It would be an insult to God to be offended. He made the original along with all the interesting anomalies. Although, I did wonder, “What’s with the tiny hands and arms?”

Josh Cassidy painted this caricature of me.  He is a talented artist that can see and capture the nuance of personal features. The detail in his work is amazing. Josh is also an excellent blues artist and songwriter. When God passed out talent Josh came back for seconds so God gave him some of what He was going to give to me. 

Take a look in the mirror today.  See what Josh sees.  More important, see what God sees. You an amazing creation! One of a kind! And you are loved. What more could you want? 

Check out Josh’s work and don’t forget to check out the mirror!


  1. Ken, I first saw your comedy on YouTube a couple of years ago. I was hooked from the beginning and now I can easily say you are my favorite! You are the best!!!! I can listen to you for hours.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful humor with all of us!
    I would sure love to see you in person, but people like you never come to Pocatello, Idaho.
    I am so very fond of you, Ken and wish you well!

  2. Ken Davis you are one awesome human beings. We love your comedy and your inspirations. We want more DVDs. We would rather watch your dvds than any award winning movie

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