Living outside “The Box!” Doin it when you don’t feel like it!

Rise up and walk, run, live!

People often ask me, “Ken, how do you get up and do comedy and present a message of hope on those nights when you don’t feel funny and you not exactly bubbling over with enthusiasm?

I am going to give you my answer in my next blog, but I want to hear from you first.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Many men die at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75.”  How do YOU keep from throwing in the towel. How do YOU stay out of  “The Box?”

I am convinced  that people actually “living everyday life” have some of the best answers to keep “living everyday life” when they are tempted to “box it up.”  I am also convinced that some of us authors and speakers miss out on your wisdom because we spend more time creating than living…..  SO….

If you are a stay at home mom, I want to hear how you get kids ready for school and coordinate a household and family during those days when you don’t even feel like getting out of bed, days your daydreams run contrary to your reality.

If you are a career person, how do you continue to hammer out the work required when you feel like you have run out of ideas and energy at the same time, when you have lost the passion for your job?

Pastors and spiritual leaders, how do you continue to preach and inspire when you feel spiritually dry and doubt’s shadow flutters at the edges of your brain?

Writers with an empty mind, when your staring at an empty page, how do you fill that page and then another, and another.

How do those of you who are facing a new career, a new family, or a risky adventure move beyond fear and step into the unknown.

Where do you find the strength and inspiration to continue if tragedy has interrupted your life and now you must find a way to move forward.

If I have missed your calling or situation, feel free to fill in the blanks and have at it.  If your comments are used in my book I will send you an autographed copy free of charge.  But someone reading this may find your insights a great motivator to live outside the box so…

Leave a comment, help someone live.







  1. Hi Ken, I have found that at 39 years old, 40 in February. I have found myself wondering, what in the world was I thinking, starting LIFE so LATE in LIFE? :~) I felt so old. I married a wonderful man named Jeremy when I was 29 nearly 30, have my first child, my son John, at almost 32, and my daughter Anna Gayle at nearly 37. I am also 4 classes away from a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in Christian Counseling. In my younger days, 17 to 21 ,I was in a extremely physical and abusive marriage,emotional, etc. I only dated a few times aftre that divorce, and didn’t marry again til I was 29. Terrified of men. Until I realized one day in therapy, Jesus was a man, I knew in my heart, Jesus LOVED me, he’s never hurt me. It was then I found videos of you, Taylor Mason, Mark Lowry, Gaither Homecoming, and I gave my life back to God. I never was mad at God, I just wasn’t where I needed to be to have a relationship with him. My son is 8, 9 in December, and has a severe receptive and expressive language disorder, autism pdd, adhd, ocd, and just recently diagnosed bipolar. He’s on medicines, but mindwise he’s in the frame near his sister, who will be 3 in July. He’s about 4 to 5 years old mentality wise. There have been days of physically having to hold him off during the fits of not being able to tell me what’s wrong or what he needs, and I have to duck from punches, and kicks and screaming, biting, not fun, bad memories, but I know this innocent child was given to me for a reason, and I don’t hold it against him, and I wouldn’t change him for the world. I know in my heart that anyone else would have hurt my son had I not stayed home with him, got him help at an early age, and he is just finishing his first year of kindergareten :~) Anna Gayle ,we call God’s gift, she’s wonderful with John, I feel he gave us her because he knew John would need someone someday and we won’t always be here. She can calm him ,when we can’t. Jeremy works 12 hour days 4 to 5 days a week as a paid firefigther, and by 6 PM, I’m exhausted and moody, ready for a shower, dinner, and sleep. I don’t usually feel like doing dinner or baths,but I do because I know he’s doing what he has to ,to provide for us, and I know my children , need me. They all need me, as they need the Lord. We ALL need the Lord, I would never ever get through a day in my life without the grace of God. thank God for putting people like you in our life, in my son’s life, LAUGHTER, love, comedy, a reason for being in Jesus name, and he USES YOU to help us continue. That’s why..I get up every morning. Love and Blessings, Trisha Edwards Salem Va.

  2. I am a stay at home mom or as my friend Lisa says, Domestic Engineer. I have 3 children & when life just don’t feel the joy that God promised or experience the happiness I desire, I start singing songs to Him. Don’t feel like singing, but I do. You know, it has never failed. The more I praise Him, the more the joy comes, my soul is refreshed & I find the “bubbly” coming back. God is sooooo good! Ok, think I’ll go sing. 🙂


  3. I always try to see the big picture. In 10 years will it really matter that the horse that I am training is acting up today. No, probably not but what will matter is that I stay patient with him so he knows he is safe with me. It works. I relax and ask him to do something I know how can do and quit for the day on a good note

  4. I’ve always considered myself as someone who is a round peg that society keeps trying to place into it’s square holes. I fit, but not quite like they want me to. You see, as a child of God, the kids said I was different. I made a conscious decision to always be different than them, trying to live each day “outside of the box”. Besides that, life is more fun, exciting, interesting and I met a lot of great people from all over, by living this way. The only “box” I live in is called “The Bible”. It’s great to wake up in the morning to go outside with my morning coffee just to say good morning to God and see the wonderful painting that He has painted for all to see and enjoy. I also have written a prescription for myself since the car accident which could have taken my life. My prescription is this: laugh 4 times a day, every day. It works for me. Please keep up the laughter for all of us and for yourself. You have a strange sense of humor like myself. Thank you for helping me to laugh on those days when it is hard to find something to laugh about.

  5. I own my own semi truck and drive over the road from Nebraska to North Carolina and back. I feel like grumbling at traffic and I do more than I believe God would want me to but I have also come to a belief that I can’t be perfect on my own and that the only way I will come close is when I meet Jesus and He takes over absolute control of me. When I do grumble I stop and think up and say to God, I know that my attitude or my thought was not right, help me to be tolerant. I have been going to a different church for a while now partially because I moved and I want to be more involved with that church so when I got the privilege to read scripture during the service it boosted my heart more than I expected it to. It saddens me that I see so many people including those who attend church breaking the laws on the road and being bad examples and leading others to do the same and although I am far from perfect it strengthens my heart and lessons my despair at not being able to attend church every week when I hold on to the knowledge that Jesus loves me and He knows and sees when I strive to be a good example and it helps me remember that some of the best work we can do for God is outside of the church walls and we will reap the rewards when we meet Jesus face to face. Jesus knows I make mistakes and probably gets disgusted with me some times but He also knows I look forward to being with Him. I am not as anxious to be with Him as I was a few years ago because I believe He still has a plan for me here yet.

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