Do You Have the Key?

This may be a peak at what your future can be.

This may be a peak at what your future can be.

If I were asked, “What is the key skill needed to succeed in today’s crazy world?” I would give my answer without hesitation.  Whether I was talking to a person who wanted to be a professional communicator, a parent, a preacher, the CEO of a major company, a salesman, or a budding entrepreneur the answer would be the same.  They all need the same key skill in to succeed

They need to be able to communicate with clarity, dynamics and power.   

Since I graduated from High School in 1492 (Columbus High) my job has entailed some kind of speaking. In 1975 I was privileged to begin a wonderful career speaking for a living.  I have been blessed beyond measure seeing lives changed and living a life of freedom that many desire.  Learning the art of communication/speaking was the key that set me free.

People began asking me where this key of communicating with excellence could be found.  It is a key that can open doors to opportunities you only dreamed of.

Over the last several decades we have been giving other people that key by teaching them to speak with exceptional excellence. That key has been used  by people who dreamed of being speakers to open the doors to some wonderful and successful careers.  It has been used by people who have a unique product or service to jump start their sales.  Literally thousands of people in ministry have used that key to better communicate the good news of the gospel.

Wouldn’t you like to learn to speak about your ideas, your passion, your products with dynamic power and focus?

  • Learn how to craft unforgettable presentations
  • Learn how to tell compelling stories
  • Learn how to use humor to capture and hold an audience
  • Learn how to move people to action
  • Learn how to gain confidence in every situation
  • Learn how to use your entire body to enhance your communication
  • Learn how to speak with the kind of excellence that people will pay for
  • Learn how to organize your talk, your life, and your writing.

That’s a whole ring of keys that can change your life and influence forever.


This could be the key to your future1

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Hi Ken…I know it was not a mistake that I found your video of “Fully Alive”. My husband and I are Christians; we both lost our jobs unexpectedly in the same month; we lost the house we built on the family farm; we started a business and failed; we lost all of our friends because we had to move to another state; we’ve lost our identity…people think we must have backsled on God. Prosperity preachers just confuse us all the more. We have lost all structure in our life. Through all of this we know God is with us and He loves us. We haven’t given up on our faith…but we are like dry bones with no life. We’re in our 50’s and it feels like we are stuck in a pit. We have 3 children that are precious. We have been so close too. They have been our support. I remember when we were so alive. Living life large. I want to live again. Thank you for sharing your story. It gives me so much hope that we will once again laugh out loud, get involved, and set some goals for ourselves. I know God has not finished his plans for us but our mentality has to change before our situation will. Again…thanks for sharing! God bless.
    Diane Spence

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