Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh my!


As we were driving to our beautiful mountain getaway in Colorado. My three year old Granddaughter, Jadyn asked where the cabin was located. I pointed to the mountains in this picture and said, ” Our place is located right where those five lines come down the mountain.” She stared intently at the mountains for several minutes. Then the following conversation took place.

Jadyn: “Can we play outside at the cabin?”

Me: “Of course.”

Jadyn: “Will the tigers get us?”

Me: “Jadyn, there are no tigers in the mountains!”

Jadyn: “When do they come down?”

Me: “Who?”

Jadyn: “The tigers!”

Me: “Jadyn, there are no tigers!”

Jadyn: “But you said the cabin was right where five lions come down!”

So much for my communication skills. Don’t waste time worrying about imagined fears. There are no lions.


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