Two Skills Every Preacher, Teacher, and Speaker Should Have

This Conference is almost sold out.  Register today! Use code DAVIS and save $200

This Conference is almost sold out. Register today! Use code DAVIS and save $200

Question:  What is the one “ability” that every person in ministry should never stop developing?

Answer:  “Communication!”
“Whew!  Thanks Ken.  I think I’ll write that down.”

Question:  How many really great communicators do you know?
“Um, give me a minute Ken.  Um.”

Answer: YOU could be one of them!

Question:  Who beside ministry persons need to develop their speaking skills?

Answer: Teachers, professional communicators, bloggers, leaders, sales persons, writers, and anyone who has something to say and wants to say it with confidence and power.

Question: What two Skills do all great communicators have in common?

I have listened to thousands of speakers and read hundreds of books.  Yet, I can count on both hands and one foot the number that impacted my life.  Those speakers had two skills in common that made their presentations unforgettable. The first skill of great communicators is this:

1.  They are Focused and Crystal Clear.  They have a singular objective for their talk.

Over 75 percent of the people who listen to a sermon or a talk, have NO IDEA what the speaker was talking about.  They may remember an interesting story or a point or two but haven’t got a clue as to the objective of the talk.

That isn’t the sad statistic.

Over 50 percent of speakers cannot express the ultimate objective of their talk.  They know all the things they want to say but cannot articulate WHY they want to say those things.

Over a hundred years ago my favorite author on preaching said this….

(The parenthetical emphasis is mine.)

“I have  a conviction that  no sermon (or talk) is ready for preaching, (or being presented) not  ready for  writing out,  until  we  can express its  theme in  a  short, pregnant sentence as clear  as crystal. I find  the  getting of that  sentence is the hardest, the most  exacting, and  the most  fruitful labor  in my study.”

-John Henry Jowett  The Preacher His Life and Work  Page 133  1912 George H Doran Company

No person in ministry should be without Jowett’s book.  No speakers from any walk of life should ignore the wisdom in his writing.

The second skill all great communicators exhibit is this:

2. They are Dynamic and Engaging.  Their delivery makes people want to listen.

Why is it, that in normal conversation we are animated and passionate but when we stand up to deliver we become diminished?

Why don’t we make our presentations with the same passion that we use when talking about the performance of our favorite sports team at the last game we watched?

How do we bring those same dynamics to the platform?  If you don’t look like you believe it no one will believe you believe it.

These two skills, focus and dynamics, are like the oars of a boat.  If you use only one of them you end up going in circles.  But if you learn how to apply both you can actually make it to a specific destination and people will even want to get in the boat with you.

Get in the boat with me and my team and hone these critical skills to a fine excellent edge at our SCORRE Conference!

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P.S.  You can leave your fishing rod at home.  It’s not a real boat!


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