What are You Saying? Where are You Going? How will You Get There?

Watch this Video for a glimpse of what will happen in Vail.

No matter what your station in life, if you speak, if you write, if you want to plan effectively, if you breathe, then there are three skills you must develop.The SCORRE conference will teach you these skills and change your life.

  • Learn to speak intelligently and with confidence on a moments notice.
  • Learn how to hold the attention an audience and move them to action.
  • Write, communicate and plan with laser like focus.

If you know where you are going you can take anyone with you.

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.

Only a few spots remain open for the October conference. It won’t be the same without you and I promise you won’t be the same once you attend.

Prepare with Focus

Deliver with Clarity

Speak and live with power

Register today.

Do sometimes you have a hard time getting your point across or even knowing what your point is?  Welcome to the club.  I would love to hear your comments.




  1. I could really benefit from attending this conference. Will you be holding one of these events in the Atlanta area?

    1. Rome Georgia Next spring! Winshape conference center. I will look forward to seeing you there

    1. You go, Sundi Jo. My wife and I raised funds last spring to attend the one in Georgia. Absolutely awesome, and worth the extra effort.

  2. Looks like another amazing event Ken. Hoping next year this is still going on and I can attend. With my sister-in-law moving to CO, my wife would be able to visit with her and I could attend the event.

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