Publisher? Self Publish?


Our Summit for professional speakers and artists is coming up March 12-14. Over the next couple of weeks I want to address some of the valuable information that will be covered as well as some of the questions that will be answered there. One of the questions asked every year is, “Should I seek a publisher for my book or should I self publish?”

Time and space don’t allow me to go into detail in this post. That’s why we developed “The Summit.” There are many more questions and the answers vary depending on your unique situation. I am so grateful that Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing will be giving a presentation at “The Summit” showing us what publishers are looking for. Proof of his leadership qualities is
the fact that he is attending the entire conference to learn what we are looking for.

Take this little true or false test to see if you are prepared to make a publishing decision.\

  1. If I have a great book and it is published, I will make tons of money.
  2. People will not buy my book unless I am published by a major publisher.
  3. There is no advantage to submitting a book to a publisher.
  4. I can live off the royalties of a good selling book.
  5. Self publishing is too complicated and too expensive for an amateur to attempt.
  6. Publishers are only looking to rip you off.
  7. If I am published, my books will fill the shelves of bookstores.

Here are the short answers to the above questions. For more answers to the questions that are unique to your situation, we will see you at “The Summit”

  1. Probably false. Unless you visit a “shack,” have the last name, “Warren” or just landed a plane safely on the Hudson River.
  2. False.
  3. False.
  4. This depends on where and how long you want to live.
  5. False. If you are regularly performing or speaking in front of audiences, self publishing can be one of the best investments you can make.
  6. False. The publisher wants you to succeed.
  7. False. Unless you fulfill the requirements in #5, CSI would probably have a hard time finding your book in the book stores.
  8. Due to the economic crisis we have sliced the price of the Summit in half. For the full scoop, check out “The Summit.

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