7 Reasons to Come Sail with Me

JA15CW_SM_KDavisI would love to have you join me for an unforgettable event! On June 21st – 28th 2015, I am headed for the high seas with six of my favorite Christian comedians and a delightful circle of our fans and friends. I laid awake most of the night last night thinking of how much fun this is going to be. I got up and wrote down the reasons I would love to have you join us – I invited my extended family to join me as well. Before you make any decisions I encourage you to read all the way to the end.

1. You will create memories your family will never forget.

Of all the things we have done as a couple and as a family, few things have bonded us as much as being on a cruise.

Instead of being pulled in opposite directions, our family has found some of the best quality time on a cruise ship, eating, playing and relaxing together. It will be a trip you will never forget.

2. I and my crazy comedian friends will get a chance to meet you.

This might not seem like a benefit to you, but I would love the chance to get to know, in person, some of the people who listen to my radio show, have read my books or have attended some of our live shows. I am talking about YOU!

I have purposely planned time on the cruise to rub shoulders with you. If you are not into shoulder rubbing, I can arrange for us to shout to each other across a room. If even that seems to invasive, we can text each other and wave from across the ship.

Seriously I would love to meet you, and for you to meet my family.

3. Each day you get your own private entertainment.
Comedians, Tim Hawkins, John Branyan, Bob Smiley, Kristin Weber, Daren Streblow and the hilarious veterinarian David Pendleton will deliver comedy that will leave you with sore ribs and a joyful heart-best of all their comedy is clean!

These are men and women who are committed to honoring Christ with their talent and know how to be funny without dragging you through the gutter.

Click on any of the names above to see a clip of their comedy.KD 6 Comedians

How fantastic to let your children, grandchildren and extended family see evidence that God is the author of joy and that laughter is good medicine.

You will laugh the hardest as you watch unrehearsed audience participation that never ceases to have people gasping for breath.

Michael O'Brien

4.  Special moments of inspiration.

Our group will offer devotional times where we can sing together and learn from the word of God. I am honored to be teaching in some of these sessions. Worship leader Michael O’brien will be sharing his musical talents with us during these special moments.

5.  Food!

All you can eat of everything you enjoy eating, 24 hours a day. I’m not saying you should eat 24 hours a day, I’m just saying it will be there. You will need to control yourself. You will need a passport to get on the ship, but if you eat too much you may need a cargo net to get off the ship.

6.  Some of the most beautiful ports and amazing excursions anywhere!

The ship will be stopping in some of the most beautiful ports in the Caribbean; Mahogany Bay, Belize and Cozumel. The ship will offer excursions where pristine beaches, Mayan ruins, beautiful rain forests and a menagerie of wildlife are waiting for YOU!

KD Cruise Ports

7. Me

I almost forgot. I will also be performing for you in the live intimate setting of just our friends and guests. I can’t wait to spend personal time with you and get to know you better.

8. You might go home a little light in the wallet, but you will definitely go home rested, encouraged, refreshed, blessed, and several pounds heavier.

No doubt this is a financial commitment, but after reviewing these reasons, I decided to invite my family. I want them to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience and be blessed by my new friends and the testimony of my fellow comedians.

I hope you will register today because it won’t be the same without YOU!

To save your spot on the comedy cruise and for more information click here.

Waiting for my friends...

Waiting for my friends…


I told you to read to the end. so if you got this far, I promise to send a copy of my new devotional “Lighten up and live” to the first 7 commenters who point out that there are actually 8 reasons to come sail with me instead of 7.

NOTE:  Eligible comments must be made on my actual blog post so if you have accessed this on Facebook hop over to www.kendavis.com. Then register and come sail with me.



  1. I noticed eight poi ts, and actually went ba k and read it feom the top agaon before finishing the article juat to make sure!

  2. The eighth reason to go is its a way to focus on The Lord! Ken Davis is wonderful about bringing you out of the busy and helping you to focus on what’s really important, your life in Christ.

  3. I see 8 reasons. Would love to cruise with you not sure we can. Just getting through end of treatment for breast cancer.

      1. Thank you so much! Our local Christian radio station plays Lighten up and Live excerpts at 7:40 each morning as I’m taking my girls to school and we absolutely LOVE to listen to them, although sometimes they don’t get the humor as they are 11 and 7 years old. I just placed my order from your store online and I know we’ll enjoy watching all the DVD’s I bought. Once I’m finally through all the treatment and surgeries needed to get rid of the cancer we are going on a Disney cruise as a family to celebrate. This cruise would also be so much to go on too, we’ve seen Tim Hawkins on stage last year. Even my husband enjoyed his show, and he’s not a believer YET. Thank you again for the coupon code for your store!!

  4. There are clearly eight reasons, and maybe because there are eight instead of seven, there may actually be nine or even ten no one has thought about yet. Really, the possibilities are endless.

  5. I love your clean comedy Mr. Ken Davis! And yes, there are eight reasons, not just 7. I can certainly find more reasons to join this cruise. Keep doing what you do; you are a tremendous blessing.

  6. I’m an accountant, couldn’t help but notice there are eight reasons, not seven!

  7. Yup, eight reasons noted. I would add a ninth: what a wonderful time to spend interruption free, with a precious loved one. Trust you’ll have an incredible time! Thanks for your ministry to us and so many over the years!

  8. Yes, eight plus good reasons to sail! Too bad I’m so slow at getting email this morning. 🙁

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    2. para cada personaje pero la verdad es que hay algunas que no sorprenden mucho y, comparado con las de Dead Space, son para niños, claro que también existen otras que sorprenden e impactan, eso sí, si no

  9. I see people told you there were 8 reasons instead of 7 over 4 hours ago. I logged in within minutes of getting my email and reading till the end. I must not rate the early email LOL

  10. I know that more than 7 people have commented, but I noticed that there are 8 reasons, instead of 7.

  11. this is one trip that I will seriously consider….sounds like a wonderful time with lots of laughter!

  12. I am going to make a commitment to come, for all the 8 reasons and more!

  13. I SO wish I could come, but it’s not financially feasible at this time. So all who are going, have a great time for me.

    1. Actually take it back sharing my experience learning how to run a mile. In the process, I sprained my ankle 3 times and discovered it was  broken. After physical therapy, my ankle continues to heal yet I

  14. The reason I’d like to join you is because you gave me hope when I had none. You gave me a reason to smile again, and now, I’d like to return the favor! So if anyone is looking for another reason, how about because it feels so damn good to be alive and what better way to celebrate than over some laughs and sharing gratitude? 🙂

    Take care and keep smiling!

    With much gratitude,

  15. Ken Davis, not only are you my favourite comedian, but you are an amazing man of God and you inspire so many. I had the privilege of meeting you when you were in Toowoomba a year or two back, and it was a blessing! My additional reason for joining this cruise would be Christian fellowship with you and people like you, it would be an amazing experience! Thank you for being a godly inspiration not only to me but to many of my friends and family 🙂

  16. My husband Phil & I will be celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary on June 21, 2014 — maybe I can talk him into going!!!

  17. I was just on my way to get to bed and was enough strong to get trough the kitchen (need to go trough the kitchen…) and then you’re newletter got my eye on the spot… andnow I know I am going to a snack… I’ve been on a cruise for 14 days from Amsterdam/Norway/Iceland/Shetland/Amsterdam, it was fab! No cooking, just making you’re self pretty (I did not recognized myself self..) go to the table, sit elegant and having diner, tha’s heaven! Not to cook!!! Sorry for my poor english.

  18. How about there being nine resons to sail with you Ken!!? 🙂

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