A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and More

Today’s post is one without words. Photographs of scenes that left me speechless.  None of the pictures capture the awesome experience of being there, but they still inspire and move me. I leave the mountains today recharged, and excited to join my family and team in Tennessee. I hope these pics in spire you.






Nuff Said!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ken. I am glad to see the Aspens starting to turn. I am heading out to Colorado in less than 2 weeks for meetings and some much needed hikeography (hiking/photography). I still want to hook up with you for a hike sometime.

  2. That last one looks like some aspens. Was this taken last week down by Buena Vista? The aspens weren’t changing colors quite yet up by Steamboat, but I suspect they will be when I return in a few weeks.

  3. All are beautiful. But I know nothing does it justice like being there.Same as the Grand canyon, pcitures are nice but the majestic view in person is unbeatable..

  4. Ruth Blankenship… what I just said… Majestic is always better in person…

  5. God I Love What You’ve done with the place.
    I know you see the smile on my face.
    Don’t need a decorator,
    Because You are the great Creator.
    God I love what You’ve done with the place.

      1. You bet Ken. I wrote this a few years ago as the chorus to a song. I have a pasture that you have to drive through woods to reach. I drove in one day at sunrise and the sun was coming up through the trees and clouds and I stopped and wrote this. Never have finished the song.

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