A Most Unusual Engagement!

Hello! It’s Lighten Up Monday! I wanted my engagement to be different.  We’ll, this clip shows that I got my wish.
[youtube id=”OtK2vG3NWuY”] [reminder]Tell me about how you got engaged! [/reminder] You may enjoy the rest of this story.  It can be found on a DVD entitled It’s enough to make a Grown Man Cry.


  1. What’s this dating thing? Cindy and I never dated, we worked at the same company in the same department under the same supervisor. On a Monday in July of 1998 I sent her an instant message that said, ” how about taking half a day on Friday to go out and elope?” Our system only told the recipient the employee number of the sender, so naturally I didn’t include my name. I got a message back that said, ” Sure why not.” so I sent an email to our scheduling department asking for a 1/2 day of vacation so that I could go out and elope. Naturally they just tossed the request in the mail figuring that it was my normal Monday request for vacation. I was told that later in the day the scheduling employee dived into the trash because Cindy’s request for vacation came through and she knew she saw the same request earlier in the day. We both got our 1/2 day of vacation. It’ll be 15 years in November. We have survived my 7 surgeries, numerous stroke like events and the diagnosis of early onset dementia with the 4-8 year life expectancy. Year 7 starts October of this year.

  2. My
    husband asked me to marry him on a Tuesday, but said he couldn’t get me
    the ring until Saturday! (I had to keep it a secret until then!) Then
    we went to the mall where the jewelry store was, and he got all three
    wedding sets- the engagement, and both our wedding bands. The he
    casually walked the mall with me- for over twenty minutes. I was not
    interested in the stupid mall- and he knew it. When my nerves were
    vibrating enough to damage the floor tiles, he finally sat me down on a
    bench in front of a denim store, he reached in the bag….and kept
    pulling out the wrong rings. Yet even as he got the wrong one, he would
    put it BACK into the bag and try another ring box. He did this for a
    good five minutes, which felt like a year. Eventually he got the right
    one, and got to one knee. Despite all the drama, I still said Yes!- and
    we have been happily married for 16 years!

  3. My husdand and I met on line. During our first “get acquainted” emails to each other, he said he liked trains and Christmas. I responded that I did, too. His next email to me said, “you like trains and Christmas, too? Maybe we should get married!” I had to laugh, and sent back that maybe we should meet first! 2 weeks laer, we did meet, and were married within a year. God is good!! He knew how much we needed each other and brought us together under circumstances that we would never have met without Him!

  4. When my ex asked me to marry him, it was on a labor day weekend and we were heading out to a bbq. He was suffering a great deal from allergies that summer and we kept the car stocked with all sorts of tissues and bottles of antihistimine. He walked me out to the car, opened the door and then kneeled down in the gravel on my parent’s driveway and asked me to open the glove box . I did reaching for the nosespray and handed it to him. He looked oddly at me and said, “I dont need the nosespray give me what was next to it and then I realized there was a small ring box next to where the nose spray had been. He then asked me to marry him, slipped the ring on and THEN asked for the nosespray!

  5. I hate heights. But I wanted to get engaged in a way that would be remembered. I had arranged a romantic visit to Paris (France) for Valentine’s Day. So we went up the 899 feet to the top deck of the Eiffel tower and I got down on one knee, and she looked down on me with a look of “aw, he’s scared” and said “do you need to go back to the ground level?” I am not sure if I was shaking more because of the thing I was about to ask or because I was 899 feet above where I would be safe, but the combination of both was enough to get her worried. Luckily, she said yes and we came back to England and got married a few months later.
    I would have been very modern and tweeted this paragraph, but I couldn’t cut it down to 160 characters. :>) ( @paularthurvover )

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