A Furry Carton of Milk

It’s lighten up Monday!  One of the reasons I love my wife Diane so much is that she makes me laugh, she doesn’t even have to try.  A short vacation, a defrosted refrigerator and a spoiled carton of milk led to this episode.
[youtube id=”U6ieinE1ths”] This clip taken from I’m Not Ok. For more info or to purchase, please click here.


  1. My lighten up Monday lesson. Never wear a scarf while operating a shop vac! I am a pastor and when I came to work this morning I found that someone had broken into the church. In the midst of finding a huge mess all over the church something happened to change the perspective of all the church members and police officer at the scene. I decided to help clean up the mess by using the shop vac. You can guess what happened next…my entire scarf got sucked into the vacuum and the attachment sucked itself to my neck. I reached for the power switch and all I heard was tons of laughter all around. In that moment I had a choice, be embarrassed or join the laughter. After attending @SCORRE and learning how to use humor, I now have a great humorous story to share and the worlds biggest hickey, that the remains of my scarf covers up rather nicely. Happy Monday!

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