I Never Get Angry. I Get Even!

It’s Lighten Up Monday!  You  might need to lighten up if you stayed in a hotel last night with some adventurous teenagers.  Several week ago I posted Teenage Hotel Horror. This is a follow up to that post.  Payback is SOOOOOOOO sweet!
[youtube id=”QZSxO0zBuQw”] Have a great Monday!


  1. Hey Ken . . . this is so funny. I had a knock-knock payback several years ago. In my early career when two of us men traveled together we had to share a room. One trip I was with an older, fleshy type guy that snored like a jet engine. The first night was awful. The second night after he was asleep (and snoring) I knocked on the wall by my bed until it woke him. He jumped up and ran to the door and of course no one was there. After a little while the snoring started again so I did the same thing. After the second time he was so frustrated and mad he couldn’t go back to sleep . . . but I did. Thankfully it was only a two night trip.

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