Tim Hawkins Raising Hands in Church

Let’s see, what day is this?  Oh yeah, its Lighten Up Monday!  Tim Hawkins needs to be put away, but when they come to get him I want to go with him.  Well, at least I would like the address so that I could visit him occasionally.  Enjoy this talented young man point out what we see, but never know how to say.
[youtube id=”TK2_ezOBa2A”]


  1. I go to a church that does not raise their hands (the majority) much and even afraid, it seems like, to clap but I do anyway. I came from another denomination that did it a lot. But it is striking that balance in what you consider your needs in worshipping. I feel the need and desire to show God how awesome He is. It’s not the outward that matters but if the rocks and hills can do it why not little ole me show Him a little somethin back. I’m not ashamed. If people are too prideful to raise their hands, then I feel sadness for them.

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