The Right Frame of Mind!

Today’s post is a little different. My friend Roger Mater posted it on my Facebook Page. I watched this video over and over. Not so much to see the amazing jump, but to sense the spirit that made it possible.

Josh had the right equipment and a supportive group of friends. But what enabled him to fly again was his amazing attitude.

Even before he left the hospital he was dreaming of what he could do rather than wallowing in sorrow over what he had lost. Watch and be inspired. It’s cold today here in Tennessee.  Too cold to run or bike or even walk outside. 

I thought about skipping any physical exercise today. But after watching this, it’s not going to happen. After I save this post, I am headed to a warm inside place where I can do some work to stay healthy. (That’s the long way to say “I’m going to a smelly gym.”) 

This clip inspired me to count my blessings and keep striving to live every day to the fullest. How ’bout you?

[youtube id=”uzsUT7xr4gg”]

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