The Solution to Children Fighting in the Car!

Good morning friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday! Have you ever experienced the “thrill” of children doing combat in the back seat while you try to navigate traffic? At the end of this video is a solution you might want to try.
[youtube id=”8Ps9MmzHh8U”] I asked a counselor why kids fight in the back seat of a car. Without pausing he said, proximity! After that they took turns riding on the luggage rack. (-;

[reminder]What solutions have you used?[/reminder]


  1. I know you’re just lightheartedly making a joke, but this summer I almost rear-ended someone who thought breaking to get the kids’ attention was a good idea. The kids would’ve been quiet, that’s for sure. 🙁

  2. Talk about driving while under the influence!! My frequent offense during those backseat battles was DWS, which could be identified as Driving While Screaming / Sobbing / Shaking / Snarling / Speeding / Swirving / and Stomping (makes for a rough ride). Those are Non-solutions, of course, but I occasionally had good responses to DWS as Driving While Singing. I avoided trips and joined a church half the distance from the one I grew up in. Those battlers did grow up and now have chosen to develop a meaningful young adult friendship. They are on opposite sides of the globe and far from me, so I long for the next time I get to travel with them in the backseat!

  3. My aunt used to carry a yardstick. With my three just telling I was going to pull over was usually enough to stop whatever was going on.

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