Why Does This Video Bring Tears To My Eyes?

This heartwarming video of a little girl’s first airplane ride, was sent to me by a dear friend, Julie Patterson, who’s entire family has a passion for children. I choke up every time I watch it.  Is it because the greatest joy in the world comes not from a crowd’s standing ovation, but from the joy brought to one little child, like Lainey?  Am I just a sappy person? Watch the video and maybe YOU can help me figure it out.[reminder]What do YOU think?[/reminder] [youtube id=”w8JU-1ZrRAg”]

Julie and I are advocates of children served by Compassion International.  We have personally seen smiles like Lainey’s on the faces of hundreds of children around the world. Learn more about Compassion out here.





  1. I find myself tearing up and I believe its just because of the pure joy and love that flows out from that little girl and I assume her Dad… she sparkles and smiles, just makes you realize the joy in life that we get or have when we see something through a childs eyes… It was awesome. We also love Compassion our boy with be graduating soon. We have had him in our lives for almost 15 yrs, since he was 3. He is an awesome young man and we are so proud of him. We are thankful he had Compassion in his life… His smile is worth a million…. God bless.

    1. Yeah! Compassion. I have had the privilege of meeting several of my sponsored children. They are amazing. Thank you for being a sponsor.

  2. I should know better than to watch this while sitting at my desk at work. Quick, where’s my box of tissues! Thank you for sharing such a heart warming moment. That huge smile from such a little girl blessed me greatly.

    1. As a pilot I can tell you I have felt that smile in my own soul. More and more I am drawn to working with people not only to see them laugh but to see their heart smile.

  3. I find myself feeling the freedom that God gives us to be the person he created us to be. This is only the beginning for Lainey. God will keep leading her into his love and into the areas of service that he wants her to go in to throughout her whole life. Whom God sets free, is free indeed!

    1. As a pilot, I can tell you that flying in a little plane like that is about as free as it gets here on earth. Thank you Charlene for your comment.

  4. I felt the desire to be like Lainey, basking in the wonder of God’s creation. It was a picture of innocence, before sin marred the image. I think it might be a visual of 1 Corinthians 13 where we see a dimly lit image of Jesus, one day we will see Him in His fullness.

  5. You’re not sappy, Ken. In a fallen world, tears are the spirit’s proper response to truth and beauty. They whisper to us in the still, small voice, “All is not right with the world, but it will be made right.”

  6. So sweet!! The joy on her face just brings tears to your eyes. She’s too cute!!! To see her enjoy what she is seeing and experiencing. Makes you happy. =0)

  7. Thank you Ken for your return comment. I love your work and would love to some day see you in Minnesota in either the Hutchinson or St. Cloud area. God bless you and keep smiling!

  8. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder today, Ken! Hope to see you soon!

  9. loved it. I wish we could hold onto the sheer innocence captured in this video. What a great video.

  10. Not sappy at all, Ken. Michael is exactly right. I too, teared up seeing, and feeling, the beautiful, innocent pure joy in Lainey. It made my heart happy.

  11. Delightful!!! Wish I had had that experience as a child and wish I could give it to a child today. Thrilling in every way! Especially loved when she put her arms out as though she was flying.

  12. I saw those of us as believers in her trusting and happy spirit. Maybe that was Daddy behind her telling her it would be exciting and fun if she just relaxes and realizes everything will be ok because he’s driving. Isn’t that like our Father? I teared up too especially when her little arms outstretched. She was excited to fly with Dad and see the beauty in life.

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