Why I Don’t Have a Cat!

Good morning friends. It’s Lighten Up Monday!   I have been criticized all my life because I am not fond of cats. Here are the reasons why.  I think you will enjoy this clip but I know I am going to hear from some cat lovers.
[youtube id=”NTqFLioEbec”]

“To a dog you are family.  To a cat you are staff!

Bring it on cat lovers.  Tell my why you love your cat!
If Cat’s don’t scratch your itch, I want to hear from you as well.
This clip take from A Wimpy Prophet. For more info or to purchase click here.


  1. Ken have seen this many times before and enjoy it each time. I’m with you on the cats. Growing up in the early 90’s, we had a neighbor whose cat contracted a feline version of AIDS. I had nightmares about that thing coming after me on the way to the bus stop. Might as well been Pet Semetery.

  2. We haven’t had a cat for many years but are now fostering 3. We’ve already been told by the rescue group that we are “failed fosters” because we’ve decided to adopt all 3. This was our first and only foster because we also have 2 dogs and if I fostered any more animals, I’d end up keeping them all. LOVE your Lighten Up Mondays!!! 🙂

  3. Bumper sticker: “Dogs come when you call them. Cats have answering machines.” 🙂

  4. You got it right on for cats! For instance, you look at our cat, she looks sweet and precious. She is not! Deep within our cat is something I would relate to Chucky. She tears through the house at about 5 am every morning- jumping on the furniture, chewing and clawing at the blinds-until someone opens them, knocking stuff of the coffee table that she doesn’t feel is necessary, and meowing loudly for someone to turn on the water from a faucet- because she is too good to drink from a bowl. While we are eating she begs for food, but not in the cute way a dog does- it is more of a ‘feed me or I will claw your eyes out while you are sleeping’ look. She has lived her ‘9 lives’ a few times already!

  5. Tell you a true story . . . Rick (our friend) and
    I were visiting a prospect for our church. Someone that needed to be saved. As
    Rick was getting pretty serious about spiritual things, the cat kept climbing and
    rubbing against my leg and I kept knocking it away. The lady asked me “don’t
    you like cats?” I said sure I like cats . . . but I like “sail cats best.” She
    said “what is a sail cat? I said that’s a cat that’s been run over on the
    highway and you can pick it up and sail it like a Frisbee. Needless to say, the
    visit went down hill from there. To the cat lovers that read this . . . I really
    do like cats, I just thought a little humor would add value to the gospel
    presentation. I haven’t used that one since.

  6. Since growing up, I have never wanted a cat. As a child I loved cats and dogs. One day I went to the shelter to get a cat for my granddaughter and met a precious little stray. She begged me to take her home, so I did. My husband said, “You don’t even like cats!” I replied, “I like THIS cat.” As soon as I walked in the door, my granddaughter said, “Grammy’s got a cat. What’s her name, Grammy?” I looked down at that little feline face and thought about what she had been rescued from and replied, from out of seemingly nowhere, “Happy.” About two years later Happy saved my life when my house caught fire. So, if she thinks she’s god, that’s okay with me.

  7. I totally agree with you, Ken. However, at the time you did the Wimpy Prophet video, you didn’t like the kind of dog I have because he is small (a miniature poodle). You called small dogs an appetizer for a big dog. Then you got Romeo. Uh huh?

  8. “To a cat you are staff” Or a pillow. My cat demands my chair when I am sitting in it to the extent she will climb on the desk and pat me in the face and meow at me until I get up. And I am her pillow at night. She sleeps on my hip.

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  10. I nearly missed this today in the chaos. So glad I didn’t! You’ve pegged cats (and big dogs–not so sure about those little ones) beautifully.

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