Don’t Blend In!

How to make an impression on your world!

shutterstock_331483511On a recent television show, the following question was asked of a social “expert” who was guest hosting the show.

“We have just moved into a new community, how can we make a good impression on our neighbors?”

The expert answered, “The most important thing is not to be different. People weird out when they meet people who are different. Blend in.” he said, “Be just like everybody else.”

I almost threw my coffee cup at the television. 

A Good Compromise

Happy Lighten up Monday! This is a fun and true story about being invited to one of my first corporate speaking events.

I told this story at our SCORRE™ Conference as a set up to a key question every speaker must ask. “Will the content of my talk meet the needs of my audience?” I certainly learned one of the things that met the needs of my wife Diane.

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It’s Lighten up Monday! Wait, it might be Tuesday. Wait….  They say that one of the first things to go as you age is….   I know it’s something important, but I forgot what it was.

You know the movie I’m talking about don’t you???

Beauty in Shadows!

A powerful life perspective

IMG_6458Seven years ago my nine year old granddaughter, Kialee, and I drove the back roads of Tennessee looking for things to photograph. By looking at the pictures she took you can see that Kialee has an eye for photography.

One special moment in this day stood out to me. We were reviewing the pictures Kialee had taken when I came across the following photo of the Natchez Trace Bridge.