A Four Letter Word Essential to Faith and Living Fully Alive

image024-1When my daughter Traci was small, I found her standing at the edge of the courthouse steps.  I stood below her and asked, “Why are you standing there?”

“I want to jump,” she said.

What an opportunity to teach trust.  I held up my arms. “Go ahead, jump,” I said, “I will catch you.” She moved up to the edge of the steps, cringed and moved back.

She looked so tiny, so scared.

Easter Tribute to Johnny Hart


Bobby Hart, Me, and Johnny Hart, creator of the cartoon strip B.C.

This is a tribute to a talented man who showed incredible kindness to me and inspired me to speak boldly of my faith in Christ.  His name was Johnny Hart.  He was a nationally syndicated cartoonist, creator of the popular comic strip B.C. and co creator of WIZARD OF ID.  I had admired him for years.

Throughout his career Johnny found creative ways to share his personal faith and some of his controversial views through his cartoons.  Although his faith and his opinions attracted criticism he courageously submitted his work major newspapers and those who believed in him continued to publish it.  Imagine my surprise when he and his wife showed up at one of my shows. Please read to the end.

Five Super Powers of Effective Leaders!

Foto 18 t025Did you know that I once played the role of Superman?   Recently I ran across photos taken 30 years ago from a short film we made promoting positive leadership qualities for youth leaders.

Whether you’re a CEO, a parent or a mentor of any kind, I think you will find this post both fun and helpful.  It’s kind of a cross between Throwback Thursday, Lighten up Monday and Factual Friday.  Enjoy the following photos illustrating five super powers of effective leaders.

Oh Say Can You See?

boys-with-flag-2-375x281As I sat at my desk today, a note on my calendar caught my eye.  It was a reminder that my dad, survivor of 3 1/2 years as a prisoner of war, died eight years ago.

Under the note was a URL.  When I typed it into my browser it brought up this picture and a forgotten post.