Our Souls Need the Message in “Undone”


The picture on the cover of this book makes my brain hurt.  Look at it!  Ouch!

Wait a minute!  Life does the same thing! Life never follows the path I marked out for it.  Life often leaves me standing stripped of the expectations and longings of my heart.  Life is often turned upside down. It makes my head hurt.

In those moments its so easy to slide into the negative depths of self pity.  I can quickly find myself staring into the abyss of depression, clinging with all my strength to threads of hope anchored in solid ground.

Undone is filled with threads of hope.  Michele never leaves you feeling like a weakling in the presence of a superhero.  She takes you by the hand as a fellow weakling and points you to the source of strength that sustains her.

4 Critical Reasons to Not be the Lone Ranger

shutterstock_73569397When I first entered the world of travel and speaking, I was giddy with the fact that I was now in control of my own life.  It was such a rush knowing that I would never have to attend a board meetings or answer answer to any committees again.

I took offense when I met a friend at the airport one day and he asked me this question. “To whom are you accountable?” With a defensive pride I answered, “I am my own boss. I am accountable to no one!” Before the plane reached 30,000 ft my pride had turned to fear. And within just a few years my Lone Ranger style of living my life almost led to disaster.

Here are 4 critical reasons not to live or lead like the Lone Ranger.