Take the Guesswork Out of Decision Making

a Template for Resolving Decision Conflict

You can eliminate the paralyzing confusion and indecision that accompanies decisions like choosing a college, committing to marriage, taking early retirement, or any of the other of thousands of options that present themselves during a lifetime.

A simple conflict resolution system I learned in college over 50 years ago still helps me clarify choices and make critical decisions. Check it out. You will see clearly what is tying your stomach in knots and recognize what must be done to untie them.

Walking in Circles

I know it’s Lighten up Monday, most everything else I have forgotten. For those of you who are older, you will recognize the symptoms. For those of you who are younger, this is what’s coming. Have a great week friends.

Did you know that God is forgetful? “I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” (Jeremiah 31:34)  That’s very good news!

As the World Burns

What to do when it seems there is no direction to turn

In light of the events of the past week I felt that there is little I could say in a blog post that would be more important than to encourage you to pray for the families affected by the Orlando attack.  I have no hollow words of advice or attempts at explanation.

Like you I am stunned and my heart is broken for the families and friends of those who were lost. In a world where there seems no direction to turn to find good, I pray…

For those affected by this tragedy

For our country

For you

Please Lord. Help us hold tight to faith in the One who is our only hope.







Stare into the Past or Move Boldly into the Future… Your Choice!

How to Navigate a Brave New World

shutterstock_289527173 Remember life before the computer?

Remember when memory was something you lost with old age?

Remember when an application was for employment, and you could actually find it?

Everything is changing and technology seems to change at light speed. How should we respond?