6 Reasons Not to Miss the Next Comedy Cruise!

The Comedy Cruise Team

The Comedy Cruise Team

I just returned from one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life, the first ever Comedy Cruise on the beautiful Carnival Dream and hosted by the incomparable Inspiration Cruises.

There are many reasons this was such a unique and unforgettable experience and only one major change that would have made it more enjoyable. The only thing I would change is this…

Two Steps to Recharging Your Life

As I look forward to this summer at the cabin I decided to repost a blog from the summer of 2012. It describes one of the many times God spoke to me through his breathtaking creation. I hope you enjoy pondering these points again – or perhaps for the first time…

I was sitting on the porch of our Colorado cabin looking out at the 14,000 ft peak of majestic Mount Princeton. After a hurried week of traveling, I could feel energy trickling back into my soul.

An extraordinary source of Power!

When we first arrived we discovered that all the recreation vehicles had dead batteries.  I took them to a shop where the dealer said they should sit quietly on a shelf to accept a charge of “new life” if you will, from an external power source.

Now it was my turn to recharge -