Waht Azamnig Bairns We Hvae

shutterstock_227580421Confession time!  I am partly dyslexic and “off the charts” ADHD. On top of that I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast. Yet I never cease to marvel at the complexity and beauty of the human brain.

I read the following post without hesitation.  How about you?

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

Dad's marker copyIt has been almost 10 years since the day my dad was buried with military honors. At his memorial service I read a letter written by my friend Danny de Armas. Danny met my dad on several occasions but never realized he was talking to a hero.

I dedicate this letter and this post to all who have served in the armed forces. what you don’t know can hurt you!

The One Thing You Can Change That Will Change Your World!

shutterstock_141168931The older I get the more I realize there is very little in life I can control. My grandchildren get sick, neighbors struggle, friendships threaten to crumble and I am helpless to change the circumstances or the people in them.

It took about 20 minutes of marriage to realize I was pretty powerless to change my new bride. When our children reached their teen years the myth that I was in control evaporated almost completely.  So… what can we do about anything? 

The Art and Business of Public Speaking Podcast

DCI Podcast Cover Art 6c Final
After months of planning and preparation, I’m thrilled to announce that my new podcast, The Art and Business of Public Speaking, is live!

I created this podcast as an extension of the principals I teach at our SCORRE™ and Launch Conferences. In each episode we cover a wide range of topics all related to the Art and Business of Public Speaking. 

Tune in to the first episode by clicking here - I’d love to know what you think! 

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