Live Until You Live Forever or Die Early and Get Buried Later – It’s Your Choice

An Unforgettable Story of an Unquenchable Spirit

This is an e-mail from my “terminal” friend Roger Mateer today.
 “I saw my doc this morning. He says my brain is still failing as is my body, yet I’m still doing better than I should be. He said I should continue hunting and having fun. He was impressed when I showed him the water buffalo I got on my hunting trip. Before we left the picture was shown to most of the staff as an example of what happens when someone believes that the word terminal means go out and live!”

“Go ahead and post this if you think it could help others dealing with the word ‘terminal’.”  

This is Ken Davis saying that in one sense we are all “terminal.”  This story will inspire anyone who is breathing. If you’re not breathing don’t read any further.

Turkey Talk

Twelve Resolutions that Might Save the Day


My contribution to the festivities. Just call me Martha!

Here are twelve resolutions that might make for a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving:

  1. I will not be the turkey at the table.
  2. I will help clean up by getting out of the way.
  3. I will not touch a scale and I will drop all thoughts of calories for one day.
  4. I will run 8 miles after dropping all thoughts of calories for one day.
  5. I will not talk politics.
  6. I will thank my spouse for staying with me one more day.
  7. I will not watch the news. The news will take the THANKS and the GIVING out of my day.
  8. I will play board games with the little people and let them win.
  9. I will not drop a frozen turkey into boiling oil again.
  10. I will eat the skin while repeating, “It’s good for me. It’s good for me.”
  11. I will thank everyone at my table for something good they have done in my life.
  12. I will be nice to the vegetarians. Their sacrifice means more turkey for me.

I will remember to thank God for everything he has done for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!