6 Factors that enable 6 Children to Climb to 13,000 ft.

IMG_6811We started climbing “Jones Mountain” just after the sun arrived to warm the chilly Colorado air.  It was not a technical dangerous climb, but it was one that many adults would find difficult to complete.

The air was thin and legs were wobbly, but several factors allowed six children ages 5 to 13 and three ancient fossils to reach the 13,000 ft summit.  Those same factors can help you reach any goal you set. Enjoy the pictures.

Airplane Restrooms

It’s Lighten Up Monday. I hope this is the beginning of one of your best weeks ever.

This is a clip from the first video I ever made. See if you can pick out the dated product references – you will certainly be able to pick out the dated hairstyles and dated comedian. My 16 year old daughter was in this audience (she is 39 years old now), by the way, airplane bathrooms haven’t changed at all.

This clip taken from A Twisted Mind. For more info or to purchase, click here.