20,000 Days and Counting!

Robert D Smith

I met Robert D Smith about five years ago.  He greeted me at the door as though I was a long lost friend.  I looked behind me to see if he might be talking to someone else.   He was talking to me.  We have been friends since that day.

Since high school Robert has worked full time to help his friend Andy Andrews craft an amazingly successful career.  I had admired his drive and creativity and had come to ask his advice.

Brainstorming: How to Hatch Your Dreams into Reality

What if you could dream dreams you had never dreamed before.  What if you could tear the wrapping from ideas like you once ripped paper off a Christmas gift.  Remember the squeals of delight? What if you stayed up all night because you couldn’t wait to develop those new ideas into products,  ministry or income potential.  McNair Wilson’s new book “HATCH, brainstorming secrets of a theme park designer” recaptures that spirit and opens the possibility to all the above.  NOTE: Hatch isn’t a normal book.  McNair Wilson is not a normal person.