I Don’t Remember Dropping the Skunk!

I learned a lot about life growing up on a farm. One day as we were driving to church a family of skunks crossed the road in front of us. My dad slammed on the brakes and shouted. “Grab one of the little ones Ken.” I usually obeyed my dad without question but I remember looking at him like he had lost his mind.

He pushed me toward the skunks. “If you get his back legs off the ground he can’t squirt you. Grab one hurry!”

Humor Me!

01-kia-gramp-laughThe best definition of humor I have heard goes like this, “Humor is a gentle way to acknowledge human frailty.” Almost all humor “makes fun” of some weaknesses or foible. This can be done in a spirit of cruelty, “anything to get a laugh” or in a spirit of healing that helps us take action to become better people.

This post is not for humorless people. But if you believe that laughter is good medicine, read on.

Siri – ously?


You would think that Siri should be one of the best innovations of all time. Wrong! This women is Siri – ously flawed. Now don’t jump on my case for being chauvinistic! If Siri were named Larry, he/she would still be responsible for occasionally driving me insane. The only saving grace may be some valuable communication lessons we can learn from her/him/it.

What a Vacuum Cleaner Taught Me About Love

When you're  hot, you're HOT!

When you’re hot, you’re HOT!

I was settled so deeply into my recliner I’d need to plan ahead in order to get out. I looked up from my crossword puzzle, groping for a three-letter word starting with O, ending with D and meaning “not young.”

That’s when I saw it.  A solitary figure stood in the dim interior of the storage closet like a silent sentry from another planet.