A Sure Cure for Insomnia

shutterstock_83562310Do you have trouble sleeping?  At one time I suffered from insomnia.  I wrote about it and my readers comments helped me develop habits that now allow me to get a good nights sleep almost every night.

Relax for 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Avoid bright lights.

Develop pre-bedtime habits that your brain will associate with sleep.

All these were helpful. But one suggestion in particular was amazingly successful.  I dare you to try it. 

A Unique Perspective on a Life Changing Truth

The Resurrection as Witnessed by A Blind Raven

FullSizeRenderIn the year 2000, I wrote a book entitled Sheep Tales – Bible stories told from the perspective of the animals who were there. It became our best selling book ever.  The book revolves around Galya, a sheep that has been chosen for sacrifice and his friend Edgar, a cynical half blind raven.

Before Galya can finish telling Edgar the story’s about God that have been passed down through the flock, he is led away to be sacrificed.  Edgar searches frantically for his friend then in a rage seeks to find and destroy this one called the messiah.

He finally finds Jesus and actually watches him die.  In the story that follows we find Edgar high in a tree staring at Jesus’ tomb through his clouded eyes as he mourns his friend Galya.  But Edgar is about to have the “eye opening” surprise of his life.

This is a little longer than most posts but I know you will enjoy this unique perspective of the gospel truth.

How Old Are You?

It's Not a Number

KD 1 Innocent StageThe day I celebrated my 69th birthday, I began making this statement in my road shows, “Next year I will be 70.”  My wife Diane challenged me, “Why would you say that? 70 is still 365 days away. Why in the world would you use that number now?” Here is why I did it.

Count Your Blessings

shutterstock_302454722I woke up this morning thinking about what I would write for this Thanksgiving post.

As the cobwebs slowly cleared from my brain, a song from long ago began to echo in my heart.

Be sure to listen to The Irish Choir’s arrangement of the song at the end of this post.

Slay Three Dragon Myths – Embrace One Truth – Live Fully Alive

shutterstock_135603683Today I received another message from a person who read my book Fully Alive and finally took the first step toward discovering the joy of living again.

I have been thrilled to hear from people who stepped back from the brink of suicide and reached out for the help they desperately needed. Each of these people recognized that they had to act immediately. Each also had to slay some dragon myths that had kept them from acting sooner.

Here are some old myths that must be outed as the lies they are, and a single truth that can put you on the path to living fully alive.