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IMG_0495A few months ago my granddaughter sent me this text. “Hey Grandpa, it’s my birthday.”

By the time I got my thumbs coordinated enough to text my congratulations she was a year older.

More recently my friend Michael Hyatt posted a blog entitled, 3 Reasons I Hate Text Messages. His post was right on. This got me thinking about all the messaging possibilities and which social media method is best for which kind of message. Here’s where my scattered brain settled…

Honesty and Faith

There are two characteristics I admire in people. One is honesty and the other is courageous faith in the midst of challenges of the heart. Sometimes honesty does not accompany declarations of faith because some people believe that honesty in the midst of difficult times is paramount to a lack of faith. However…

Faith is not the absence of doubt. Faith is moving forward in the presence of doubt.

Please take a moment to read the incredible blog post written by my beautiful friend, Michele Cushatt.  For Want of Beautiful. Michele is an example of honest faith. 

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Michele Cushatt

The Brass Monkey Principle

shutterstock_138194669Have you ever made the following promise to God or to yourself? “I’m never going to do ‘THAT’ again!” Fill in your own blank for the word “THAT.” Many of us make that promise over and over. Eventually we grow discouraged and become resigned to doing “THAT” for the rest of our lives.

Such behavior focuses on the problem rather than the solution. As a result whatever “THAT” is, becomes our master. We become prisoners of the very “THATS” we yearn to avoid.

A college professor taught me how to change my focus and make positive changes in my life. He called the lesson “The Brass Monkey Principle.”