10 Life-Changing Quotes from the SCORRE Conference

Exceptional people who seek excellence as communicators.

We finished another SCORRE Conference this week at the beautiful Winshape Retreat center in Rome, Georgia, and it was amazing!

If you followed along on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen status updates from some of our students and coaches. Here’s a quick run-down of quotes from those who attended.

A few comments from a diverse audience including a plumber, authors, professional speakers, ministry professionals and CEOs.  Check out these comments. 

The Key You Can’t Be Without!

The Key!

Last week I had the privilege of speaking to a group of bright, enthusiastic students attending the 2011 speech and debate camp run by Training Minds Ministry. 

At the end of my presentation the founder of this group, Chris Jeub, asked this question, “If there is limited time to teach children the essentials of Math, Science, History, Literature etc, then why invest time and money to teach children the skill of speech and debate?”

My answer was emphatic. 

Begin with the end in mind.

6a00d834958b7053ef0120a656f1cb970cThe feedback from hundreds of our students over the years confirms that speaking with focus and purpose transforms their effectiveness as a communicator. According to Steven Covey, the second habit of highly effective people is “Begin with the end in mind.” As we begin our Dynamic Communicators Workshop in Glorieta NM this week we will be re-enforcing that truth over and over. Many speakers never consider the “end,” the ultimate purpose for which they are giving their talk. Instead they agonize over a list of “things” they want to say and how to organize that list.

Here is a short list for preparing your next speech. Following these procedures will give your speech more focus and power.

2 essential skills of a great leader


Every great leader that walked the face of the earth practiced two essential skills. Whether you lead a major corporation, are an author, a pastor, a teacher or a politician, it is essential that you develop both these skills. They are like oars in a boat. If you use both of them you can
get somewhere. If you use only one you will go in circles.

These are the two essential skills of a great leader: