Three Steps to Eliminating Explosive Emotional Buildup!

matchWhen I was speaking with Women of Faith, I listened as Nicole Johnson spoke about emotional explosive gases that had built up in her life. One day she couldn’t find a sock that she knew she had put in the dryer.

Suddenly there was an explosion of rage and frustration.  This was not “Sock Anger,” she explained.  The missing sock was  only the match that ignited the real anger that had been building for years.

Remember the old saying “The straw that broke the camels back?” It really wasn’t the straw broke his back.  It was the unbearable weight that accumulated before the straw was put in place. Have you ever exploded and wondered why?

5 Resolutions Empowering You to Spit in the Face of Fear and Live!

elephantLast week Americans watched in horror and some with fascination as two young men paralyzed a city of more than a million souls.  For days people huddled in their homes, mostly because authorities requested it as a strategy to smoke out the cowards who had planted bombs at the Boston Marathon, but many others huddled in fear.  

I am not a social scientist, but I have a theory. 

Do You Exercise this Source of Amazing Strength!

When is the last time you laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe?  The kind of laughter that made you scramble for a tissue and made your ribs hurt the next day.

The average four-year-old laughs 300 times a day, a 40-year-old, only four. If you doubt those figures, watch this clip of my four-year-old grandson, Tyler.  Time it!  Then do the math.  He’s above average.

If laughter is indeed “good medicine,” we need to start taking bigger doses before the expiration date…………. OUR expiration date.

The facts below are supported by research….

Where are You Going?

direction signsAll Roads do Not Lead to Rome…or to Carol’s House.

My sister’s directions to her house seemed simple enough: Go east on 494 to Highway 52. Take 52 South to the big sign reading Douglas Trail Road. You can’t miss it. Go east on Douglas Trail until it comes to an end—that’ll be Highway 36. From there, we’re just a few miles down the road on your left.

I missed two clues that indicated this would be one long trip.