Welcome to another Lighten Up Monday morning! In the early 90s I received a video tape from a young comedian named Taylor Mason. Our family laughed for days watching Taylor’s unique style of ventriloquism and comedic timing. I am happy to share this clip to help you start the week.

You can purchase Taylor’s DVD here.

Who’s Driving?

light-933712_1920A guy was hitchhiking on a very dark night in the middle of a downpour so powerful he could hardly see a few feet ahead.

Suddenly, a car slowly came toward him and stopped.

Blinded by the rain and darkness, he jumped into the back seat, closed the door and then realized there was nobody behind the wheel! The car started moving slowly and then headed straight toward a curve. Scared to death, he started to pray, begging for his life.

Pace Yourself

kd6.28.17In a long-distance race, it is important to pace yourself. I joined the track team in high school and trained to run 800 meters—about half a mile. On the day of an important track meet, I was ready to go.

This was a special day because my girlfriend was in the stands. I confess, I had never spoken to her, but I wished she was my girlfriend. And winning this race might have attracted her attention and her affection.

Golf, Sanity and Repentance

My unique golf stance

I love the game of golf, but lately my golf ball had become a water-seeking missile, so I engaged the services of a golf pro to help me keep the ball in the fairway.

The first ball I hit arced into a lake to the right of the fairway.

“You’re too stiff,” the pro said. “Wiggle before you swing. It will relax you.”

So I wiggled and hit a beautiful soaring shot further than I had ever hit a ball before…