God’s feet are on the ground in Haiti

iStock_000007563968XSmallAfter watching the news over the past several days,  I turned to my wife Diane last night and said, “The world is watching the church in action.” Thousands of believers who were themselves suffering personal loss are serving the poor in Haiti.  Many have been there for years making a difference even before the earthquake struck. The efforts of these who are God’s feet on the ground can’t be hidden. You couldn’t miss the faces of hundreds of college students and high school groups from churches across America who were in Haiti before the disaster with a mission to help the beautiful people of this impoverished country.  Hundreds if not thousands of them are among those who perished.

On top of the World


I spent this weekend with world class skier, mountain climber, Eric Alexander and his wife Amy. Eric was a vital part of the team that led his blind friend Erik Weihenmayer to the top of Mount Everest. His story of this adventure is one of the most inspirational I have heard. Eric is a believer who artfully shares his faith as a part of his spell binding story. While training for this assent Eric fell 150 ft down a mountain landed on a ledge about the size of a car and didn’t break a single bone in his body. He developed pulmonary edema and unless rescued soon would face death. Obviously he was rescued.

Teamwork, Persistence, Trust and Faith are the anchors of Eric and Amy’s life and the focus of his presentations. His humorous and inspiring presentation will help you clarify your personal challenges and goals and see them as more attainable. We are very excited that Eric is now part of our team. More than being a world class climber he is a world class person.

Look what he did for me and Brian Scheer


Okay! So I can dream. Isn’t photo shop wonderful! To bring Eric to your group. Call us at 615 599 8955 or email brian@kendavis.com