Will the Tigers Eat Us?

Overcoming Fear

avalanche chutes

This picture shows the five avalanche lines that come down the mountain. 

My Granddaughter, Jadyn, was only three years old when we drove to our mountain getaway in Buena Vista Colorado. As we came over Trout Creek Pass the lush Arkansas valley unfolded before us. Just beyond the valley rose the majestic 14,000 ft Collegiate Peaks that form the continental divide.

Look carefully at this picture. It will help you will understand the conversation that followed.

Where is our cabin?” Jadyn asked.

I pointed to five avalanche chutes that converged just above our home and said, “Our place is located right where those five lines come down the mountain.”

She stared intently at the mountains for several minutes. After a long period of silence she spoke in a timid voice.

Call it a Day!

A Simple Solution to Burn Out!

Sleeping PrestonIt was creation. God and an angel were sitting on the edge of the universe just enjoying the scenery. God took a deep breath and said. “Look at all the beautiful things I have made. These things are good.”

“I have wrapped them in a 24-hour period. Half will be light, half will be dark and it will keep repeating itself forever.”

“Wow,” the angel said, “What are you going to do next?”

“Happy New Year?” Yeah Right!

What if 2017 Arrives in the Midst of Personal Storms?

2015-09-10-19-46-39-1-copyIf you find it hard to believe that 2017 has any chance of holding happiness or hope for you, this post is for you.

At this time of year we can hear friends and family toasting the promise of the new year and basking in the reverberation of songs that speak of jolly seasons, joyful carols, and fa la la la la, la la la la.

Yet behind the smiles and toasts many are still reeling from the smashed expectations of the season’s celebrations.

  • One of our friends lost his beloved wife this Christmas eve.
  • In the last months of this year marriages have fallen apart.
  • Another friend was alienated from his family at Thanksgiving this year.
  • Life changed in a moment for some who received devastating news from the doctor.
  • Lives have been rocked by personal failure or financial ruin.

WOW Ken!  Thanks for the good cheer.

-Good cheer is only “good” if it is available to those who aren’t presently experiencing it.-

How can there be hope for the new year if one is trembling in the darkness of storms still raging in their lives as 2016 comes to a close?  I write this post because I have been there… more than once. I promise there is hope! I have seen the light! So have each of the friends facing the storms I mentioned above.  

What to Do When You’re Not Feeling “Joy to the World”

shutterstock_233694844How interesting that for many people the “Season to be Jolly” is often filled with a sense of sadness and depression. Even those who revel in the true meaning of Christmas can find themselves feeling the holiday blues.

Having been there and done that, I don’t want to do it again. I did some research and discovered that it is a common occurrence. So how can we experience a brighter Christmas when we begin to feel the “Pinch of the Grinch?”

Lost with Tim Hawkins, John Branyan, David Pendleton, and Daren Streblow

The Final Chapter - Lessons Learned from Getting Lost with Four Weird Friends Part 3

From left to right Ken, Tim, David, Daren, and Grumpy

Left to right – Ken, Tim, David, Daren, and Grumpy

In the two previous installments of this story I shared about two lessons I learned from being lost in the wilderness with four of my weird and beloved friends. Part 1: “Pride comes before a fall” and Part 2: “Don’t ignore warning signs.”

Finally I get to tell you about the swamps, moose, a remote cabin, a lost sole, and our rescue along with the final lessons I learned.