Take the Guesswork Out of Decision Making

a Template for Resolving Decision Conflict

You can eliminate the paralyzing confusion and indecision that accompanies decisions like choosing a college, committing to marriage, taking early retirement, or any of the other of thousands of options that present themselves during a lifetime.

A simple conflict resolution system I learned in college over 50 years ago still helps me clarify choices and make critical decisions. Check it out. You will see clearly what is tying your stomach in knots and recognize what must be done to untie them.

Stare into the Past or Move Boldly into the Future… Your Choice!

How to Navigate a Brave New World

shutterstock_289527173 Remember life before the computer?

Remember when memory was something you lost with old age?

Remember when an application was for employment, and you could actually find it?

Everything is changing and technology seems to change at light speed. How should we respond?

Don’t Blend In!

How to make an impression on your world!

shutterstock_331483511On a recent television show, the following question was asked of a social “expert” who was guest hosting the show.

“We have just moved into a new community, how can we make a good impression on our neighbors?”

The expert answered, “The most important thing is not to be different. People weird out when they meet people who are different. Blend in.” he said, “Be just like everybody else.”

I almost threw my coffee cup at the television. 

Four Essential Considerations When You Don’t Know Which Way to Turn!

Avoiding the Rocks in the Journey of Life

It is easy to avoid the rocks of life when we can clearly see them. It is another challenge altogether when it feels like you are flying blind, knowing that there can be grave consequences if you make a wrong turn. Watch this amazing, somewhat frightening and beautiful video all the way to the end. Then read the actions that keep pilots safe and enable them to enjoy the beauty of a dangerous but rewarding journey. They will work for your life journey as well. 

Two Choices that Lead from Aimless Drifting to Life Fully Alive

KDblog3.10.16What happened to the spark of life we felt as a child? Remember those youthful days when you would jump from bed thrilled with the possibilities that the day would hold, resisting bed time because of the fear you might miss something?

Why is it that as we grow older our first thoughts in the morning tend to be of undone tasks, failures, or other stressful considerations?

Why do we drag ourselves from bed hoping to get through the day rather than excited about the plan we have to squeeze from the day every ounce of life available?

There are two choices that can impact your view of life the very next time you wake up…