Five Super Powers of Effective Leaders!

Foto 18 t025Did you know that I once played the role of Superman?   Recently I ran across photos taken 30 years ago from a short film we made promoting positive leadership qualities for youth leaders.

Whether you’re a CEO, a parent or a mentor of any kind, I think you will find this post both fun and helpful.  It’s kind of a cross between Throwback Thursday, Lighten up Monday and Factual Friday.  Enjoy the following photos illustrating five super powers of effective leaders.

You must Stop if you intend to Smell the Roses.

Wild Roses

Today I woke up early determined to run up the mountain to two beautiful lakes. This is exercise at it’s best and I was committed to reaching the lakes in less than an hour. The route is all up hill amid towering pines paralleling a rambunctious stream.  As I labored upward there was only one thing on my mind.  Make the trip in 60 minutes.  Okay, I was also thinking of oxygen. 

A Video of the Devil Dog Hill Minus the Devil Dog

E-mails have been pouring in asking to see the “devil dog hill.” One poured in just now.  So I rode the hill with my friend Spence Smith and filmed the ride for you.  Imagine a dog attacking  from the left, imagine hitting a large acorn. Enjoy the ride!  If you missed the post…. about this you can read it here.

Have you experienced moments like this?  I would love to hear about it.

A rose is not just a rose

Sometimes a cheap camera is all you need to find out that a rose is not just a rose. Randy Elrod demonstrated this when he captured this beautiful photo of two roses in a shaft of sunlight. What did you see in his photo? Did you see Just two roses? If that is all you saw, you missed so much. The beauty of that photo is in the light and the shadows and the nuance of color and the discovery of colors that you would never guess exist in a rose……unless you actually looked deeper. A rose is not just a rose it is a myriad of sensory elements that when combined bring a gasp of amazement. God brings the same nuance to every day of life. too often my days are just days, a blank white space in a calendar. If I miss the tingle of cold on my cheeks, the rustle of leaves in the wind, the giggle of my granddaughter, the rose in her cheeks, then I will never capture the moment.

Every moment of our lives is crammed with awesome sensory evidence of a living, loving God. Go back and look at Randy’s photo again. Then look at today again……. See what I mean?