Keep Counting the Moments and Making the Moments Count!

iStock_000025246969XSmallLast night the second hand ticked toward midnight as millions of people counted down  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 toward the New Year.  Then celebrations and fireworks erupted all over the world.  In the midst of the celebration people stopped counting…but the countdown continued anyway.  Each of us has only so many days on this earth and the seconds are counting down until those days are over.  There are really only four things that will make 2014 and the rest of the moments in our lives meaningful.

Can You Say These Three Important Words?

I need help! This will make more sense if you first read my post “Three of the Hardest Words in the English Language,”  written last week.  In that post I proposed three common scenarios where “Three Words” could possibly have changed the outcome.

I also included the story of a young man who learned to say those words early and often. His wisdom helped him build stronger relationships and establish an exciting career. Here are what some of you guessed the words might be.

Confessions of a Love Sick Dad!

It’s lighten up Monday! In this clip, I talk about  life’s bottom line to 11,000 adults and a stage full of teenagers. Enjoy!

The central message of the Bible is the Creator of the universe telling us, “I love you.” His central message to us is, “Show love to each other.”

Without love there is no life.

Is there someone you need to say,”I love you” to?
How have the words “I love you” changed your life?

Generational Synergy! Imagine the Possibilities!

Generational Synergy! Imagine the possibilities!

At the crossroads of wisdom gained from experience and exuberance that springs from youth, you will find progress. Ken Davis

Nancy Reagan told a story of how President Ronald Reagan was once challenged by a college student who said it was impossible for Reagan’s generation to understand his.

You grew up in a different world,” the student said. “Today we have television, jet planes, space travel, nuclear energy, computers. …”