2 Resolutions Concerning 3 Words that Heal the Wounded Heart

My dad and me.  He found a way to say the words.

My dad and me.
He found a way to say the words.

After receiving a Gold Medallion Award for my book, Jumper Fables, I sped to the airport to catch a flight home. Tucked under my arm was a plaque engraved with my name commemorating the honor.

When the plane leveled off at 35,000 feet, I tipped my seat back to catch up on some sleep and glanced up at the overhead bin where the plaque was stored.

Without warning, I started sobbing.

3 Levels of Communication and Their Role in Building Relationships

shutterstock_173523611In my book “How to live with your Kids when you have already Lost your Mind,” I identify three levels of communication that we generally use as we talk to our children.   Although all three levels are essential to survival it is important to think about all the levels of communication we can use and how they impact the relationships with those we care about.

Pay attention leaders and grandparents! These are also great principles for us to practice.

Connected or Disconnected? That is the Question!

shutterstock_140568448Last night I walked into a fine dining establishment and was shocked by what I saw. Couples, families, groups of friends sitting together at tables yet absorbed in different worlds, each staring into the device of their choice, oblivious to the souls around them.

Last week I watched a 13 year old girl walk into a light post while texting.

How I Stayed Married for 46 Years!

The big day! 46 years ago!

The big day! 46 years ago!

Yesterday as I was having breakfast with my wife Diane, I received a text from my daughter.  The text said, “Congratulations dad, on your 46th anniversary.”

I had totally forgotten! I involuntarily made a sound like a rabbit being stepped on by a hippo. I looked up to see Diane stifling a giggle behind her hand.  “Happy Anniversary,” I said, stepping around the table to give her a hug and a sheepish apology.  This was not the first time in 46 years I had forgotten important occasions.

“Why have you stayed married to me for 46 years?”  I asked.  Still laughing, this is what she answered….