The “Naked” Truth About Social Media

This post is evidence that I enjoy and take advantage of the positive benefits of social media, HOWEVER, a few weeks ago I posted this picture on my Facebook page along with the following text:

Every soul at the gate isolated & absorbed in a device. I could’ve been naked and no one would have noticed.”

The picture and text must have touched a nerve because I received over 120 comments.

Then I got an insightful and thought provoking photo from follower, Joe Caggiano. Please read further to see Joe’s photo and my deeper comments on the issue of social media.

I promise that I am fully clothed in all photos!!

The comments I received after posting that photo ranged from one that asserted that I was breaking the law by taking the picture, and I was being very “un-Jesus like” by “mocking” these people – to comments from people who agreed with my thinking but begged me to keep my clothes on.

Most people who responded expressed sincere concern that social media with all its wonderful benefits, often keeps us from seeing the world around us and from enjoying the beauty of real life interaction.  

  • I heard from grandparents and parents who confessed that their beloved little ones don’t play outside or have conversations, or even watch TV together anymore because they are buried in a device.
  • One parent I talked with was concerned because her teenage son had no social life, attended no activities, had no friends. When she confronted him, he countered by showing her that he had 32 friends on Facebook.
  • I have no problem with Facebook or Instagram, or any of the legitimate connectors that social media offers. However, when virtual relationships replace face to face relationships, my spirit says something is wrong.

When a child or an adult works and plays and finds entertainment and fulfillment only on the internet, something is wrong.

  • Recently I took my daughter, her husband and our two grandsons to lunch at one of those oriental restaurants where the food is prepared on a grill just inches from your face. There was fire, smoke, eggs thrown in the air, cooking implements expertly juggled, and food chopped with lightning speed.Across from us sat a family with two parents and three boys. The entire experience takes about an hour. Except when they were forced to order their food, the family didn’t speak a word to one another. They missed the entire performance because they were consumed by whatever they were doing on their devices.
  • Recently a woman passed us on the freeway. A glance revealed she was texting. As she passed, she left the road driving over 60 miles per hour and hit a telephone pole without ever touching the brakes.
  • I watched a teenager walk right into a street lamp. She was absorbed in texting.
  • I have found myself and my wife sitting at a meal eating with one hand and checking our “messages” with the other hand.

Then I got this picture from Joe.

IMG_4354I can’t tell you how much I enjoy Joe’s kind of thought provoking response over some of the accusatory and discouraging comments that often infect the internet.

Joe’s picture raises this question: is social media just one of the many harmless distractions that have kept us from real relationships throughout history?

I would argue that one can finish reading the newspaper. where as social media is a bottomless pit, every icon luring us to a new distraction from real life.

Certainly the invention of television drove a wedge into ancient activities like, conversation, exploring ideas together, playing games that require more than digital dexterity. Yet we often watch television together.

Am I wrong to be saddened as I watch six grandchildren sitting in the same room, absorbed for hours on devices, oblivious to the sunshine outside, the dog begging to be petted, the trampoline waiting for a jumper?

I’m not mocking anyone. I have an opinion and I sincerely want to know what you think. I really want to know if I am just an old fogey out of touch with reality or if our society is becoming so virtually oriented that we have become blinded to flesh and blood relationships.

Is this healthy? Is it right? Am I wrong to be so concerned about it? Are you guilty occasionally like I am? I will value your comments. [reminder]

NOTE: Please be nice and don’t tell me I am not very much like Jesus. I already know that… but I continue to try.

If you are interested in how God used social media read below the dotted line. I would value your comments on that perspective as well.


  • When God wanted to communicate ten rules to live by he used the first tablet. It was made of stone.” People were amazed. It got their attention and it worked just fine. However many of Moses’ friends were quite offended when he kept glancing at it during dinner.
  • When God wanted to call Moses into service, he released a new communication device, “a burning bush.” This amazing device used vocal communication. Although the idea never caught the attention of the Jewish market, Moses certainly got the message. Centuries later Samsung would explore the “burning” aspect of this device.
  • When God wanted to warn a nation of impending national disaster, he released a stunning version of the iPad, the iWall. He demonstrated the iWall at a large gathering where a finger wrote an ominous message on a screen the size of a wall.
  • When God wanted to give the Israelites directions to the promise land, he released the burning GPS. God’s pillar of fire had a guidance system that worked day or night. It even had a recalculating feature.
  • But when God wanted to demonstrate his love for us, when he wanted to extend the possibility of real relationship with himself, it required nothing less than flesh meeting flesh.
  • God in the flesh, though he had in times past communicated by prophets and all means of gadgetry, now communicated through the living flesh of his son. Now the tablets and burning bushes and pillars of fire were replaced with noisy dinners, hearty embraces, personal touch and finally, holy blood spilled on barren ground.

I am so glad God didn’t text, e-mail, twitter, blog or Facebook his message of love. If he were living on earth today he might have used those methods to announce his coming, and keep record of his being here, but, only the incarnation, the appearance of God in the flesh could consummate the relationship he desires with us.

I maintain that social media’s greatest contribution is the entrée it creates for real relationships, but those relationships are only consummated when flesh touches flesh. I have many social media friends, my greatest joy comes when we look each other in the eye, shake hands and break bread together.

I am so grateful for my cyber friends. Until I die, I will cherish each opportunity to look into the faces of people I have only known by their ability to weave words together. I want to hold their hand, hear their voice and begin our walk as real friends. That includes you!

Love you and value your comments. [reminder]


  1. Thanks, Ken. I think you have some really funny takes on Bible stories but inside that is the age old truth,
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only beloved son, that whoever believes in him, should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16″
    I trusted Him through that verse 50 years ago and I know that I will see him and worship him forever. Glad you will be there too!

  2. I did not realize how much social media affects people’s lives until I went to a teacher’s conference and heard Brad Huddleston speak. He is the author of a couple of books (that I know of) , and a speaker. He wrote Digital Cocaine a journey toward balance. This book describes the affect that technology has on us. This book does not condemn social media but shows what happens in excessive use. Check out Brad Huddleston Ministies.

  3. I agree. We spend too much time on our phones. It irritates me when we are with someone and all they can do is keep looking at their phone. While I usually have my phone with me all the time, I keep it put away and leave it alone unless I just really need something. And you can tell it if you look at how much data we use each month. For myself and my husband it is usually less than 2 GB.
    I am thankful that our grandkids have not been allowed to have any kind of electronic device so far. They would much rather be outside playing and they are very good conversationalists. Of the six that live here the two oldest are seven.
    I am not totally against a smart phone, social media, etc. But we do need to have a balance. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Be a part of life. Real life. You could be missing a lot.

  4. Years ago my pastor and I were having a discussion regarding the growth of interaction between a human and some technical device. It was (is) our prayer that relationships with technology would drive people to desire a real relationship with Jesus and His followers. As His followers, we need to be prepared to connect, engage, and embrace those that search for the real.

  5. I totally agree….it saddens me so much to see our children way more interested in a compilation of metal and plastic than to get out and explore the world God created for us to enjoy! I am convinced these devices should NOT be owned by children. I think they are causing great damage and this generation that is being fed a steady diet of technology is going to be so messed up when they become adults… I really hope Jesus returns before that! Knowledge is being increased like the Bible says about the end times, but so is the evil. If people can’t think for themselves they will be deceived! God gave us the ability to choose, but I think these devices are clouding young people’s minds and numbing them. Very sad!

  6. You are absolutely spot on. I’m guilty of having used tv and video games as babysitters while cleaning and preparing meals when my children were young. I still made my kids go outside and play, took them to church where they formed friendships, and took them to parks and playgrounds. Social media us easy and instant. People don’t seem to want to make the time to develop true relationships with others anymore. Too much time, work, and accountability.

  7. I agree and share your concerns Ken. I think us baby boomers are almost worse than the younger generations. Why we have been driving longer and therefore can handle bigger distractions right? WRONG. I met a friend of mine on the highway one day….I saw him coming from almost a mile out and my attempts at waving to him went for naught…as he was so absorbed in reading something on his device that he did not see me leaning out my window and waving like a lunatic. I managed to get him on the phone a few minutes later and he was stunned, shocked, disappointed in himself that he was so absorbed that he totally missed me. What if I had been another distracted driver drifting across the lane?
    Then, there are times when I find myself itching to pull out my phone and check in with life online when my wife and I are on a date! Wow….what have we become?

    I, also, have observed rooms full of people of all ages absorbed in their devices and not looking at or talking to each other. It bothers me. Except for yelling “fire” to get their attention I don’t know what we individually can do about this social fauxpas. Be better than that ourselves and lead by example?

    If you figure out the magic cure for this please let us all know!

  8. Different generations and instant gratification. That’s what I chock it all up to. The newspaper photo on the train was probably taken in the 1950s, my guess. Businessmen going to work catching up on latest trends so they could succeed for their family. But today it is more, as you say, socializing and desire to be “liked” on Facebook. I have a friend who is in his 60s and he posts things that I would never think of posting. Things like “Singing karaoke tonight” or “stopping for dinner”. Why would I want to know that? Is he insecure with his own feelings? I don’t know. Recently saw a photo a relative posted of a multifamily birthday party at a park. All the “old folks” were sitting enjoying watching the children. The parents of those young children all had their faces down into their phones. Generations?? Instant gratification of getting more than 40 “likes”? I will admit, it can be addictive.

  9. Yes, you are just as much guilty for writing this article, because it has just taken up my time on social media!

    1. Exactly what my sister said; but it is all about moderation, and Mr. Davis has taken a step forward by making many, many people aware of a problem that all tend to try and overlook. See his heart. There’s no need to be so judgmental or negative! You were on here anyway…all he did was tell the truth!

  10. I agree with you very much. I taught in a High School and had chats with students who were struggling because according to them, they “had no friends who really know me” although they were connected to multiple “friends” on social media that they regularly raved about. I sense that people are losing the real sense of community. The good side of this is that the church should naturally provide community like no one else can and all because of Jesus.

  11. I sure do miss talking to people, looking them in the eye, hearing their voice. my granddaughter use to call me at least 2 times a week, since she passed away last Sept 26 my phone is very quiet, and it is lonely, she was only 20 yrs. old.

  12. The picture of train passengers reading the newspaper was thought provoking. I realize I would be reading a book on that train, and not necessarily talking with a seatmate. But a “device” is more harmful because it is small enough to not be ‘in your face”, yet it keeps us separated from living in our environment. I wouldn’t pull out a newspaper, or even a book, if I was having lunch with someone, yet pulling out the phone is just as rude, yet its size makes the user think it’s not!
    Kids on devices inside the home make me crazy! Play a game with your siblings and not by yourself!
    I know I waste lots of time on my phone checking facebook and playing games, so my concern is not just with kids.

  13. I have been told that the reason the Amish shun technology of anykind is it tears away at their social structure. When you have a tractor you don’t need family and friends to help you bring in a harvest. I can se their point.

    On the other hand, today is my daughter’s 30th birthday. She decided to take a solo trip to Scotland. No tour just her. I was able to wish her a happy birthday using FaceTime. There she was on The Isle of Lewis at a coffee shop and I am in Maine we talked she showed me what her view was and I showed her her beloved dogs. Yes, Grandpa is taking good care of them. This could not have been just a few years ago.

    When I was young everyone was concerned about the “generation gap”. It is human nature as parents and old folks it is up to us to engage with the youth. It is possible. A while back my wife and I played Pokemon Go with my kids and there wete other families doing the same thing.
    You can use tech in a positive way it just takes work.

  14. You are soooo right!!! Individualism drives family’s apart. When thoughts and feelings aren’t shared with EACH other by looking and talking to one another it creates a huge vacuum. It causes isolation and people feel disjoined. When things go wrong in life instead of seeking out another’s help and/or opinion they turn to their devices. Their devices don’t care how they feel!!!! Their fb friends, most of whom they’ve never met, will give them lip service. Most of them will have a disillusioned picture of the real world. So sad to see this happening. Parents can stop this by limiting everyone’s time on the electronic devices. Sadly, most parents won’t do this because they are too tired at the end of the day to care and just want their homes peaceful and quiet. They are losing or have lost touch with their kids.

  15. God bless you, Ken. I agree with you 100%. I’m glad was was born and raised in the good old day, when we got lots of fresh air, sunshine, and actually played outdoors face to face with our friends.

  16. Hawk-eye Pierce said the same thing on an episode of M*A*S*H*, he didn’t get away with it either!! Sadly, those devices are making us weak and slow. Some believe the better one you have, the more you have achieved. But truthfully, I cannot see any comparison to achievement and your ability to use the cell phone as your verbal connection with others. I am still using a dumb phone and I will continue until it no longer does anything useful.

  17. I really appreciate you! As a teacher I have daily proof of the negative impacts of technology. People ignoring each other is the least of it! Children terrify each other by sending on chain-letter ghost stories and receive x-rated rubbish from the internet on their devices. At a Christian school we can have devotions and deal with issues in prayer.

    Never stop making observations! Jesus never aimed to be popular and sometimes we all need to be reminded of what is really important.

    And while I am emailing you, my teen daughter is drawing an elephant…so cool!

    Blessings from Africa!

  18. Indeed, your post is very thought provoking Ken. One can not simply brush over both positives and negatives of social media.
    A young man, myself, i cannot help but fear for my generation. Although social media is meant to bring us together, i fear it is rather drifting us apart. We are becoming more and more oblivious of our environment and more concerned about how we look in the eyes of everyone else. So we keep posting “happy-faced” pictures and status of ourselves just so we get more affirmation from others.
    (Wow! A thought just came to mind)
    But we couldnt be more wrong. Indeed our generation needs the gospel of Jesus Christ now more than ever.
    If we really know how much we are loved by God, I doubt we would be looking else were for acceptance.
    It is then that we can embrace social media as a tool and use it appropriately

  19. There is already substantial research that says how bad this is for the brain. Our brain is not genetically able to handle the electrical stimulus ( A paper form of a newspaper does not have) and has attributed to mental illness and depression. Is it healthy? No brainer answer is,”of course not.”

  20. Unfortunately I’m one of “those” people and people usually just laugh nervously when I tell them how I live.
    I grew up on a farm in Namibia and we only had kerosene lamps and transistor radios up to 1968 when I turned 16, and then civilization caught up with us.
    I used to play with lizards and baboons and sometimes some rather strange animals but I had adventures and trips into caves sliding on my belly hoping I would not come face to face with a snake, which we had lots of on the farm.
    So now I use a cellphone as a stopwatch and a alarm clock, refusing to speak to anybody if the conversation cannot be face to face, and don’t get me wrong… I do business on the internet and help people but “social media” just irritates me because there is no real connection, no warm body I can honestly call a friend.
    I’ve been programming computers since 1975, before PC’s existed, and I’m still at it but it still cannot replace a real friend.
    So to end my long winded comment… I still do, and never will, like “social media” because as someone so eloquently called all the gadgets people so slavishly adore, to me it is just “counterfeit gods” and I’d then rather have conversations with the real God and my wife.
    Thank you for your wonderful and entertaining stories.
    God bless

  21. Loved this piece on Social Media. My brother has a basket at the door to his house. Before crossing the threshold everyone has to put their device in the basket.

    A friend confronted his teen about him being on his device one friday night. He asked his son why he wasn’t out with friends doing something. He said “Dad, of 100 kids in my class, 50 are out partying and drinking tonight, 20 are out having sex with their girlfriend, 20 are at a dance dancing inappropriately, and about 10 of us are just staying home and out of trouble”…how can you argue with that sort of logic?

  22. I completely agree with your observation concerning our devices. I am saddened every time I see a family all together out for an evening at dinner and all absorbed in their own device. I am saddened by the little ones who only see their parents/siblings/grandparents over or under the object of their attention…an electronic device.
    I love technology. I have and use a smartphone. I appreciate the usefulness of my device and the world it opens up to me. But, I hate how it alienates us.
    At my home my grown children have to forego their devices and engage with each other, their children and me. It is my request. They comply and we play board games, sit outside and watch their children play and we talk!
    Anything and everything can be used or abused. I choose to use technology, but I will not abuse my relationships in exchange for it.

  23. I work in an elementary school and KNOW how dysfunctional many are in the social skills department because of “devices”. It saddens my heart to see kids without even the most basic social skills become “loners” and they are only 5 or 6 years old. They don’t know how to play on their own let alone with others and their conversations usually include something about an electronic game…! The electronic device has been used as their babysitter and is slowly becoming their life. When my own children were little I often read or heard reports on the wisdom of limiting television for their good. Perhaps we need to be more dilegent in doing that same kind of reporting and warning on limiting the use of devices. Of course we’d have to use social media to reach the parents! All that to say, I’m aware of the problem but not sure of the solution.
    On the other hand, our church has VBS this week and kids are listening attentively to stories of Jesus, they are learning new and active songs, they are playing active and creative games with each other and doing crafts together and laughter and joy abound! There are no devices…only fun times on a face to face level!

  24. I feel you are spot on with this about all of the gadgets. It’s breaking up families & what I call:”Dumbing down America.” People & especially young kids & teens are on “auto pilot”. They can’t exist without their phones. I’ve even heard of a game called The Blue Whale & basically at the end, kids who are playing this killing themselves.

  25. In Heaven I don’t think we will have to worry about social media or devises. We will be face to face with our Saviour! PTL

  26. I don’t see anything wrong with your original post. It’s just the truth. My cousin told me that when his wife is on FB, he could run through the room naked and on fire and she wouldn’t notice. 😮

  27. I saw your post from a few weeks ago and I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog post. I agree with your words and thoughts on this. I am not against technology and I believe it has it can be so beneficial, but I do believe there is a problem with it being a time filler. I am a 31 year old who still uses a simple flip phone and an has to startup her ancient laptop to use the internet. My love language is quality time and real life interaction with people is what fills me up. I choose not to upgrade because, well, I know myself and know I’ll easily get sucked in, but I also realize that I will be missing out on knowing and spending time with the people right in front of me. There are many ways to shine God’s light, but for me it’s through my daily interactions with people. I don’t want to jeopardize that.
    PS: The flip phone is an excellent conversation starter… haha.

  28. Loved this article. My grandchildren and great grandchildren get texts from me weekly but have not responded. They are buried in work and devices! I hope when I go to see them this summer I can communicate my love in real life time!!!!! Am saddened by the lack of communication from my family, but God is still in control and I look to Him for answers!

  29. I truly agree with you. Thank you for your words on social media; so many people abuse the blessings that God gives us and carry things too far (sorry to say I’m human & guilty at times). Like all things, we humans seem to fail to recognize that it is possible to enjoy and use all that God allows us without going overboard. We are blessed to have such a great and forgiving God. Thank you.

  30. Greetings Mr. Davis,
    In regards to your article, ‘ The “Naked” Truth About Social Media’, I
    agree with you. I do not find your observation to be mocking; but rather, you
    stated a fact that others are too scared to state!
    My relatives don’t live near me. A visit from them used to bring
    excitement, and fellowship. Now, they cannot sit to visit 10 minutes without
    checking their social media, several times, and ‘visit’ with friends they
    message daily, rather that spending time with family they rarely see! It seems
    rude, and can be hurtful.
    Joe’s picture is thought-provoking. An “Old-fashioned” newspaper!
    Surely someone must say it: No matter in what form the social media presents
    itself, for it to be good, it must have boundaries, guidelines, and balance!
    (Proverbs 11:1 “A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight
    is his delight.”)

    (thankfully a newspaper doesn’t alert you 100 times per day, but it can still
    come in the way of developing a good relationship, and good personal
    interaction skills!)
    T.V. can promote a time of togetherness, family fun, family laughter
    (Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit
    drieth the bones.”), and growing together; but, boundaries and balance still
    come into ‘play’ (excuse the pun)!
    I too am saddened to see kids robbed of their health, exercise,
    development skills, enjoyment of outdoors, personal time spent with real
    friends, etc. because they’re wasting life on a little device.
    (God forbid, but those kids think they have friends… yet they’re missing so
    very much by only communicating on screens… and they don’t understand why
    they feel like no one cares… but they feel so alone… – that they end up
    taking their life!)
    I believe all social media is the same:
    It can be a tool, if it used properly; OR, it can be a weapon of Satan himself,
    to destroy or kill, if not guarded and balanced! It is just like firearms, they
    don’t kill people; but, if they are misused or abused…it is they people’s
    fault, not the tools!
    No, Mr. Davis, you’re not an ‘Old Fogey’…I am only 22, and I believe
    you’re accurate; this time!It’s not a joking matter like your dvds…it’s
    serious. It seems social media is turning into an unhealthy trap into which our
    world is blindly falling. It is not the social media’s fault, however; it is
    people who are not using self-control, moderation, etc.! (Philippians 4:5a “Let
    your moderation be known unto all men.”) It is not the social media; but how it is being used, abused, controlled, or uncontrolled, etc.
    It does however seem that as the world advances technologically, the
    world becomes ‘dummer’. It’s my opinion, and as an American with the freedom of
    speech I can state it. I have seen my opinion as fact many times over:
    Writing a letter… you can sense emotion in a good hand-written
    letter! Sloppy writing = hurrying or excitement! Slower neater writing =
    thought-filled writing! Etc. You can judge character, and English skills from
    Emailing/ livechatting… you still communicate; but you lose the
    emotions and personal touch.
    Texting… you lose the emotions, personal touch, proper English, and
    even good character.
    Facebook… I cannot be a good judge, as I have never used it, but I
    have heard people put more on their for the world to know, than what they even
    tell their own spouses! I don’t actually KNOW…
    Alerts… Wow! A device tell my friend when to rise, when to get
    breakfast, get the kids to school, exercise, make supper, check supper, eat
    supper, etc., and with every alert the need to see how your “friends” are
    doing, or if they have posted anything to which you must reply arises!
    In regards to my ‘dummer’ comment:
    I have observed young people, teenagers, and young adults show the
    following with their character:
    Why learn to tell time when my device tells me everything?
    Why learn Math when my device doubles as a calculator?
    Why learn Science or History when I can just Google any info I might
    Why learn English when you don’t need half the letters for texting
    (Oh, and I spell better than 50 of my Facebook friends)
    Why make friends and learn to talk, when I can have all the friends I
    want right in my back pocket?!
    I can’t get married! I wouldn’t know how to talk to a guy! I’ve only
    texted and emailed him!
    And on the list could go!
    On another note, part of proper human-development and growth includes
    human touch, and hearing. Studies show that babies who are held, and talked to,
    develop faster and better that those left in a bed or seat all day. In foreign
    orphanages, babies are so many in number that they cannot possibly all be cared
    for at the time of the babies’ needs. Therefore, the babies learn not to cry
    when they want. They learn not to respond to touch. They do not develop a
    healthy life. With our ‘on screen’ world of friendships, we lose the hearing
    and touch of relationships that help us to continue to learn and grow, as
    healthy people. People depend on their media friends, but they feel secluded
    and alone, because the most important parts of friendships are left out. Who
    wants a hug sent to them through words on an email when they lose their parents
    in a wreck?! It’s just not the same!
    Another thought:
    How many people in the picture you took are smiling? That’s what I see
    everywhere! No smiles.
    No Smiles = no joy! When you talk ‘in person’ there is so much joy and fun! But
    when you are staring at a screen, it is just not the same!
    Like I already said, social media is not really the culprit…there’s
    nothing new under the sun… (Ecclesiastes 1:9 “The thing that hath been, it
    is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and
    there is no new thing under the sun.”) it’s just progressing! My best friend
    was married through a Facebook Friendship, and God is truly blessing them!
    The culprit is our own selves, should we choose not to set Boundaries and
    Think about it for yourselves personally…How much time’s appropriate per day?
    When is it appropriate, and when is it not? (Mealtime is a good time to say no
    social media. Everyone stay at the table until the meal’s finished, with no
    devices!) What content on social media is appropriate, and what is definitely not!
    And always, always, try to remember to consider, “Is there something
    better I could be doing with my time right now to further the work of God?” !
    As a Christian, are you shining for Christ if you’re always on social media? I
    encourage you to put up the gadget, and focus on the needs of souls around you!
    What about this person beside you? Maybe you can keep a soul in the pits of
    despair, from taking their life and sENDING IT to the pit of Hell, forever.
    Please consider this!
    May God help you to live for him in this world in which he has placed
    God bless!
    Mt 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your
    good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

  31. Totally agree, Ken. When I was a kid a couple years ago, if I wasn’t helping with farm work, I was throwing a rubber baseball up against a wall pretending I was Robin Yount. With my kids, it’s pure torture to get them outside on a sunny, 75 degree day.
    Love your stuff, Ken!

  32. dear Ken, love the comedy you share with us…it is much needed. iam 64 years young but am dismayed at what is happening…in a large degree around us. we have no tv programing into our home…only the movies we select from our/the library. thank you very much for your expressed opinion. thanks for being honest. people need to wake up!

  33. Whoever said it was unJesus of you to take pictures of people who are on their cell phones is an odd statement. Some people are just overly sensitive and say bizarre things.

    Using cell phones while driving is a reason for many accidents. I don’t know the percentage. Walking into things can be a problem. It would be nice if people had more self discipline and not text when you are trying to spend time with them. Especially family members. There has to be a time out when no cell phones are allowed.

    I’m disappointed in Facebook because some people are very insulting and mean in their comments. And to read an article, you are bombarded by pictures better left unseen.

    Cell phones sure changed our behavior. Sometimes I wish we never had them.

  34. Ken,
    Thank you for the article. It was well written, not as good if Jesus wrote it, but still good nonetheless. 🙂 (maybe your next article should be on emojis?). It made me laugh and it was affirming thoughts that I already had formed myself. It wasn’t until Joe’s photo that it hit me, as well it did you. And that is that there will always be distractions in life regardless of the type of media that comes along. Relationships have to be intentional and have to be worked at. The things of this world naturally cause division when they are used without moderation. It is a fight that will go on for ever. Jesus only wants a relationship with us, yet we get distracted by everything else. He is like, “Come and jump on the trampoline with me” and we are like, “no that’s okay I’ve got 32 friends on Facebook.” – another topic that puzzles me as a speaker is to what benefit is social media to me as a speaker? Does the investment really bring me a return? Keep up the great work. By the way, your Dynamic Communicators Workshop (on VHS) was instrumental in helping me with my speaking, so thank you.

  35. I share your concern about people being too absorbed by social media. I fall into that trap on occasion myself. But I also use social media to share comfort (often including a Scripture verse) when my FB friends share about their difficulties. And I post encouraging comments for young people who need a boost. And I’m able to stay in regular contact with young friends in Nepal even though I’m in the U.S. I think it’s a tool that can be used for good, or abused.

  36. My 16yr.old Homeschooled son owns no “devices”. We have a family DS & a family laptop he uses sometimes. Our boy is a Star scout, working on his Life rank (then comes Eagle Scout.) He is active in church youth group, & is a Jr. Firefighter, getting up in the middle of the night in all weather to HELP PEOPLE. Parents need to encourage kids to think beyond video games, etc. There’s a big exciting world out there!

  37. Is it healthy? Is it right? The lack of one- on-one communication has been a reason for breakdown & breakup of relationships for a While now.
    Cyber life is a fad that has turned in “The Norm”.
    Your concern is valid. We should all be concerned, warned & aware! It is a choice.
    The decline in Homelife and Family has been discussed for how many decades now–unresolved. Social media IS taking the place of “meaningful” relationships as it removes our communicating face to face & one on one. Honesty and Validity cannot always be seen in words you read.
    I am guilty of this virtual reality involvement. There are times after this realization, I have fasted from Facebook in an attempt to “make efforts” in real communication.
    I appreciate your approach to this Truth about how we function in today’s society and how “oral conversation” is being closeted.

  38. Is it healthy? Is it right? The lack of one- on-one communication has been a reason for breakdown & breakup of relationships for a While now.
    Cyber life is a fad that has turned in “The Norm”.
    Your concern is valid. We should all be concerned, warned & aware! It is a choice.
    The decline in Homelife and Family has been discussed for how many decades now–unresolved. Social media IS taking the place of “meaningful” relationships as it removes our communicating face to face & one on one. Honesty and Validity cannot always be seen in words you read.
    I am guilty of this virtual reality involvement. There are times after this realization, I have fasted from Facebook in an attempt to “make efforts” in real communication.
    I appreciate your approach to this Truth about how we function in today’s society and how “oral conversation” is being closeted….. Also, I like your take on God’s communication techniques. I think it will be very interesting to see how many sceptics will actually check out the Bible for validation of your comparison!

  39. You are so right Ken! It’s so easy to be absorbed by today’s innovative technology…it draws us in…..we feel connected…but it isn’t reality.. I love your sense of humor! Don’t stop….and continue to tell us your thoughts on these important things.

  40. I think you’re right on. My co-workers are used to texting each other from one office to another, only steps away instead of getting up to talk to each other. It’s gone too far. They “live” on their smart phones — I have a “dumb” phone (pay-as-I go instead of a high monthly bill) and I like it that way until I receive group texts and their one symbol emoji responses end up showing like a rectangle on my phone. I’m old school, slightly embarrassed, but not sorry. Thanks for your great sense of humor, I love it!!

  41. I have recently been preoccupied with playing games on my cell phone and IPad. After finally reaching the 100+ level on each game, I finally decided I needed to delete all of them from my devices. I was wasting way too much time on them, even to the point that I would play each game every night until I was out of turns and could play no more, thus losing my precious sleep time. I do appreciate the benefits of technology, and I miss the conversations I used to have with my adult kids in the evenings. I sat on the couch one evening, looked around and the other 3 people in the room were engrossed in Facebook and YouTube. I just looked on and silently shook my head. My adult daughters know that if they sit down to a meal with me, all phones go in the purses. If we have a trivia topic that no one can answer, they automatically ask me “permission to use the phone?” And I oblige. Then the phone is put up again. It’s sad. Technology has made rude people more rude and patient people more impatient (in my experience, anyway!)

  42. I’m a psychotherapist and have worked with families and teens for many years. Communication issues are almost always the topic my clients report as being problematic. While I can’t speak for all of society, I have noticed similar problems. Families seldom have meals together. Teens spend most of their time at home in their rooms on their electronic devices. Parents behave much like they are roommates rather than spouses, with their own lives and agendas. Interest in connecting with the world and people is sadly missing. Having said that, I have seen great changes and improvements with my clients once they realize the value in communication with those they love. God is at work!!

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