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SCORRE™ Speaker Training

Do you ever wish that you could speak with the kind of power that moves people to action?  Have you dreamed of writing a book but don’t have a clue where to start? If you have something to say or something to sell or even if you could use tools to help you focus and plan to make the rest …

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A Math Principle that Expands Your Influence to Infinity!

Every year I get to work with a team of dedicated people who understand a life changing math principle.  They are all instructors at The SCORRE Conference   where we teach communication skills to people from all over the world.  These dedicated people know the principle that has motivated us to do the conference for almost three decades.

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Making Your Dream a Reality

Today I opened another e-mail like thousands I have received in the past from someone whose dream it is to establish a career as a speaker/comedian. Most of them ask the same basic question, “How do I get started?” The dreamers are varied. Many are aspiring comedians or speakers, some are writers or musicians, and some are entrepreneurs. Others are …

Publisher? Self Publish?

Our Summit for professional speakers and artists is coming up March 12-14. Over the next couple of weeks I want to address some of the valuable information that will be covered as well as some of the questions that will be answered there. One of the questions asked every year is, “Should I seek a publisher for my book or …