How to be Healed From Ingrown Eyeball Syndrome

Ironic that a man who has made his living as a comedian and inspirational speaker would occasionally suffer from “Ingrown Eyeball Syndrome.”

“Ingrown Eyeball Syndrome” is a condition where the eyeballs turn completely around and can only look inward.  These are the symptoms of the disease:

  • Blind to the needs and joys of other people
  • Blind to the evidence of God’s love in the little things in life
  • Blind to gratitude and oblivious to reasons for celebration

The sufferer of Ingrown Eyeball Syndrome is negative, self absorbed, and no fun to be around. They can be contagious!

Thank God I have discovered a cure.

Six little people reminded me of the steps to healing this malady and living fully alive!

So when your eyes balls begin to cross, your vision becomes narrow and dark, when fear and doubt threaten to rule the day. You may find these steps to healing helpful.

Note: The youtube attachment below will make these steps very clear.

1. Open your eyes and see the cherry tree
2. Lift your hands and revel in the joy of the blossoms
3. Be the monkey that shakes the tree for someone else

[youtube id=”OJ7N5QDiCk8″]

Do you ever suffer from Ingrown Eyeball Syndrome? When you opened your eyes what was the “Cherry Tree” you saw?  What blossoms fell?

Shake it!