The Elusive, Marvelous Moment within a Moment!

Tyler loves books!

Even in the middle of the best, most benevolent and productive activities, it is wise to keep our eyes open for another kind of opportunity, a moment born within the one we are engaged in.  A moment we dare not miss.

Our original plan isn’t always the best plan and what seems like an interruption may actually be an invitation to a witness a tiny miracle.

This is the story behind the painting that inspired my post “King of The Forest” and the lesson I learned from a little boy wearing a crown of leaves. One day I found a treasured storybook entitled “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein.  This amazing children’s story is about the relationship between a boy and a tree. It is a beautifully crafted lesson about giving and taking and relationship that even every adult could benefit from reading. I sat Tyler on my lap and began to read the story. 

At one point in the book the tree gives the little boy leaves from which he makes a crown and plays king of the forest.  For some reason that page with its simple drawing caught Tyler’s attention.  Several times, he insisted that we stop and go back to the page where the little boy was wearing the crown of leaves.  He would stare at the picture and run his chubby little hand over the page.

Of course my intent was to finish the story and get to the brilliant lesson to be learned at the end of the book.  But after about the fourth time Tyler turned the pages back to the page with the crown of leaves, I suddenly realized this was a moment I had to capture. This moment offered and opportunity more important than getting to the end of the story.

I closed the book,grabbed a roll of scotch tape and we went outside where thousands of leaves lay on our deck.  Tyler choose the best leaves he could find, and then we sat in the midst of all the lesser leaves and made a crown. On the back deck of my home, scepter made from the handle of a rake, I pronounced Tyler “King of The Forest.”

I doesn’t get any better than this!   Click the picture to see the painting!

This is the picture from which the painting “King of The Forest was made.  One look at Tyler’s face is evidence that he IS king of the forest.

After ruling over his kingdom for several minutes the King made a proclamation!  “Let’s go in and read the rest of the book.”  And we did.  And the King was happy.

While you are working, or playing, or studying today. Watch for the moment within a moment. A great treasure may lay there.


Have you read “The Giving Tree?” 
What moment within a moment have you experienced?