Three Essential Qualities, Women of Faith Speakers Demonstrated to this Man!

Luci and Mary

Recently I attended an event called Women of Faith.  Yes, I know I am not a woman but I have faith, so I partly qualify.  I came away amazed at the examples of excellent communication I had seen.

As a professional speaking consultant and trainer I evaluate communicators.  I’m always looking for ways speakers can improve. In fact, I have never stopped trying to find ways to improve my own speaking. But, something happened. I got so caught up in the messages that I forgot to critique!  Instead my life was changed.  THAT is what good communication does……. it changes lives.

As I flew home that I asked myself , “What qualities did the Women of Faith presentation team have that made them such powerful communicators.

  • They connected with the audience.  

They shared their stories of walking the difficult paths of life.  No easy, trite answers, just personal accounts of the journey.   They spoke directly to the needs of women,  but in doing so spoke to the needs of humankind.  This quality of connection is closely linked to another quality they exhibited.

  • They were vulnerable.  

They laid it all of the table, the good the bad and the ugly.  They freely confessed that the in the middle of overwhelming storms, it is the grace and love of God that provides hope.  Some speakers were scared.  One lost her place.  Words were mispronounced.  Unexpected emotions surfaced.  Yet these gifted communicators held the audience, including me, in the palm of their hand.   They laughed at themselves and in the process exposed the lie that perfection is a requirement for great communication or for living life.  I don’t think  this kind of vulnerability can be taught.  It is a gift that pours out when men or women finally feel safe enough in Christ to tell the truth.  I am convinced that only the strong are capable of being vulnerable.  I’ll save that discussion for another blog.

  • They had fun

If your image of Women of Faith is a bunch of ” church ladies” soothing each other with, “Well isn’t that special,”  your dead wrong.  I laughed as hard at this conference as I have anywhere else.  The organizers and presenters are BOLD individuals who don’t mince words, and just plain have fun.

If you are a woman, find a  conference near your home and sign up! 

If you are a man, pony up the money and give your wife this amazing experience as a gift.

If you have benefited from attending Women of Faith,  I would love to hear your comments.

If you would like to develop your speaking skills, check out our next Dynamic Communicators Workshop in Beaver Creek Colorado. I would love to see you there!