10 Life-Changing Quotes from the SCORRE Conference

Exceptional people who seek excellence as communicators.

We finished another SCORRE Conference this week at the beautiful Winshape Retreat center in Rome, Georgia, and it was amazing!

If you followed along on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen status updates from some of our students and coaches. Here’s a quick run-down of quotes from those who attended.

A few comments from a diverse audience including a plumber, authors, professional speakers, ministry professionals and CEOs.  Check out these comments. 

  • “Once you learn the SCORRE speaking method, you can’t unlearn it.” —Michael Hyatt
  • “Speaker wannabes: Truly, verily you should make it a priority to come to the SCORRE Conference. Transformational!”
  • “Thank you… Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt for inspiring amazing people to resolve to connect here at the SCORRE Conference! Phenomenal!” —Justin Foster
  • “Even as a professional speaker, [the SCORRE Conference] is challenging me to work on my skills, my message, my craft… They are challenging me, stretching me and making me think differently.” —Carrie Wilkerson
  • “Loving SCORRE. Thank you for the sharing, challenging and educating.” —Paul Evans
  • “I love that I am being stretched to improve as a communicator…” —Chuck Carringer
  • “Nerve-wracking? Yep. Invigorating? Definitely. Helpful? I can’t wait for the rest of the week and seeing how some of these principles can be applied to what I do for our church on Sunday mornings.” —Chris Vacher
  • “Great sessions, full access to the staff and validation of my speaking gift. Worth the money!” —Kelly Combs
  • “Incredible time at the SCORRE conference! I learned so much and met some amazing people. I’m changed as a communicator forever.” —Holly Worley
  • “It brings me such joy to be around people who take the gift of public speaking seriously. I love coaching [at SCORRE]. It’s a true honor.” —Ryan Daffron

Laughing and learning!

If you’ve been waiting to attend one of our events, we hope you’ll find a way to get here this year! Our fall SCORRE conference in Vail is filing quickly. Find out you can be a part of our life changing SCORRE conference here. For alumni and past attendees:

How did the our workshop change the way you approached public speaking and communication?


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