Confessions, Resolutions, and Discipline!

A confession and a resolution

I realize that we are now four days into the new year.  Confessions and resolutions certainly have no place in our lives until this coming Dec 31.  However, I have a confession to make and I want to make my resolutions for 2011 public.  Resolutions kept secret are really just wishful thinking.  I want someone to hold my feet to the fire and I am counting on you.

Here’s my confession:

Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays I ate a cookie…..
Okay, I ate pizza too…..
Alright, I have to be honest.  The cookie was the size of a pizza….
I didn’t exercise….  I sledded down a hill on the empty pizza pan. (I know that doesn’t count as exercise) Then I rode back up the hill in a Ford F150 pickup and ate another cookie.

All of this is a gentle way of saying I lost all control for about two months.

I enjoyed the holidays and I do not regret one moment I spent creating smiles and memories for my grandchildren, HOWEVER…….

I learned learned during this journey into slothdom that my well being and self concept are directly connected to my ability to stay disciplined.  I am not sure if this connection is appropriate or not, I only know it is real.

My mind, body and spirit function at their peak when i discipline myself to keep the three of them in top condition.  This is difficult.  It requires time and causes pain.  But for me, the end result, a wonderful sense of well being and vigorous feeling health, is well worth the cost.

I know it is good to take a break occasionally to allow our bodies to rest and recover from discipline, but eating entire pizzas and monster cookies probably shouldn’t be a part of the process.  Its also helpful during those breaks to get out of ones pajamas and break a sweat every couple days.

So I learned a valuable lesson last year.

A fulfilled and healthy life doesn’t happen automatically, it requires discipline and a disciplined life doesn’t happen automatically, it requires a vigilant honest assessment of my  current condition and a willingness to do the work to be my best.

My resolution is this

I will discipline myself physically mentally and spiritually to be the man I was created to be.  I have written detailed action steps that will cause me to

Read more
Love on old friends
Make new friends
Exercise more consistently
Eat healthy foods
Watch less TV
Paint again
Date my wife
Write more
Pray more
Be more

None of these require that I DO MORE,  only that I DO DIFFERENT.  There are other goals on the list but I think you get the idea.  All of the above requires discipline and flies in the face of laziness.  In 2011 I hope you will see the difference in my attitude appearance and in my life.

I would love to hear your resolve for the year.  I will check back with you personally on how you are doing.  I expect the same from you………..  Wait!  I smell cookies!