My Wish for your New Year!

Over 2000 years ago a Child changed the world forever.   This Christmas I was surrounded by grandchildren for more than a week.  Oh, it was noisy and messy and chaotic at times.  There were wars and rumors of wars.  It was real…. It was wonderful!

I managed to capture a few images of some special moments where I saw a glimpse of what was in the heart of that CHILD born so long ago,  a glimpse of what he came to bring the world and a glimpse of what I pray for you in 2011.




May the peace, hope and love of Christ overwhelm you in 2011.   May you know the power of His resurrection and live this New Year….. Fully Alive!


    1. Author

      Thanks Bill! Was that the sleeping pic or the praying one? I had to play with the post to get it right.

  1. Ken,

    I absolutely LOVE these photos!! They are priceless. And I love how you tied them together. These will be a treasure for Tyler (?) when he grows up.

    What a fabulous grandpa you are.

  2. Just love the pictures. You have a special talent for words and know how to make many feel happy and cheer them up. And make us all feel there is hope for all. God Bless u and ur famoly.

  3. You go Grandpa!!! Blessing to you and yours in 2011. So sorry we missed you when you came to Orlando. Hope to see you next time.

  4. Ken,

    If your pictures don’t touch hearts, Then our people are worse off than what I think they are. God Bless You.

  5. And may the peace of the Lord be with you and yours also. Prosperity,a renewed and stirred spirit and laughter…lots of it.

  6. Priceless pictures, Ken! There’s just nothing like our grandkids… and you captured it perfectly.

    Happy New Year to you, Diane and yours!

  7. Thank you for sharing these pictures, so appropriate and so beautiful. Wish you continued happiness in the new year!

  8. Thanks for sharing the incredible pictures of God in action through one of his precious children. May you continue to be blessed with peace, hope, and love throughout this new year!

  9. Ken, your grandchildren are precious! So cute!! Thank you for sharing them with us. I’ve heard you speak several times & have always enjoyed it! One of the times was at a Group Publishing Youth Ministry Conference. You make my sides hurt you are so funny!! Happy New Year!

  10. Hi, We really enjoyed our time with our 2 granddaughters who live near us. We pray, though, for the salvation of they and their parents. Our other 3 grandchildren live in, surprise!, Hendersonville, TN! We miss them so much, since my son’s mental illness has interrupted his relationship with them. However, our “ex-” daughter-in-law is a wonderful, faithful Christian mom, going to nursing school at Belmont, her alma mater. She sees to it we have as much of a relationship as we can with the kids. We praise God for her!

    1. Author

      Sounds like you have had some tough journeys. Your grandchildren will cherish the moments with you.

  11. This was awesome – through the eyes of a child! Thank you for sharing this with us. And a very Blessed and Happy New Year!

  12. Love your pictures … children certainly give us a glimpse of how Amazing God is. Your few yet profound words have encouraged me to claim the wonders of God like never before in 2011. We have been overwhelmed plenty by the enemy as we have battled cancer in our son most of 2010. Yet I never gave a thought to being overwhelmed with God and His goodness.

    Thank you

    1. Author

      I am sorry for what you are going through. It is so hard to watch a child suffer. I pray God will surround you with his love and strength in 2011.

  13. Thanks Ken.
    What God offered to all who would accept!!!
    I was reminded again of these truths during my unemployment.

  14. Sooooooooooooooooooo true. Grandchildren make the Christmas season so alive. Our Sunday School story last week was Simeon and what he must have felt holding the Christ Child and knowing it was “THE” child. I decided to take my 6 year old granddaughters doll and had it wrapped up in a blanket. When I was describing to the kids what Simeon must have done (leaning in to kiss the baby and holding it tenderely, the awe of knowing Simeon was holding Jesus). Livia leans over to me and says “Nana you didn’t ask”. Ah! I had failed to get her permission to use her baby doll.
    Gotta love their innocence. Blessings to you and yours. Nana.

  15. Thanks for the beautiful email wish! The picturs are wonderful! God bless you, your family and ministry! Love, Mary Ann

  16. We also have beautiful faces to look into in our great-grandchildren. What a blessing and delight to be great-grandparents. You and Diane have that to look forward to. God has blessed us in 2010, and we pray for good health and opportunities in 2011. You have a wonderful 2011. Chester and Irene

  17. Dear Ken,
    Thanks for the greetings. The pictures are lovely.
    God bless you, your family and your ministry much more this year ahead.
    Blessed new year!

  18. Ken thank you for your e-mail and friendship. We just returned from Portugal . . . speaking at a new year event. Home for a week and then speaking in South America for a month (Uruguay and Paraguay). We also just published our second book and have a manager helping us book and stay connected around the world. I would love to hook him up with your son in law at some time when he has some questions about “How to Promote and Book us.

    Thanks for all your input into us and others.
    Dan Potter for DUZIE

  19. Loved the pictures and the beautiful story you tied it altogether with. Our grandchildren are such a Blessing. I have 11 of them and they are all saved and serving the Lord except the 3 year old who is still little. We serve an Awesome God.

  20. I am going to go on your websight at least twice a week. I have lost my ability to laugh at life. I dont want to be depressed or negative.

    2011 resolution is to lighten up and live

  21. Ken,
    I teach the teen Sunday School class in my very small church in the Kansas City area. 6 of my 7 grandchildren attend this church on a regular basis, so I am blessed to be around them. 2 of those 6 are in my class, and I was doubly blessed this past Christmas to share precious time with all 7. I pray for their spiritual welfare, and the spiritual warfare that I know they experience in public schools.
    The last Sunday of each quarter, I’ve been sharing your videos with my class, as a treat AND an enhancer to the lesson. They absolutely LOVE the videos.
    I hope to bring them to see you preach in February, at Grace Church in Maryland Heights.
    Here’s wishing you the best year you’ve had so far – and a prayer for God’s blessing on many, many more.

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