Rebel With a Cause

This is me in total rebellion. I live dangerously!

After three exhausting months of writing, touring Australia, and promoting our new limited theater release film “Fully Alive,”  I went on a cruise to perform for my friend Bill Gaither. I was in trouble from the moment I stepped on board.

How could I know they would frown on fishing from the back of the ship?

How could I know they frown on shooting seagulls off the railings.

I discovered they don’t allow diving from the ship during the lifeboat drill.

You’re not allowed to flush bottles or towels down the commode. 

Water skiing from the back of the boat is discouraged.

Borrowing an elderly person’s power scooter for a short joy ride around the deck is frowned upon.

Mark Lowry and Me. Brothers with Different Mothers

I was getting very discouraged until I discovered Mark Lowry was on the same boat.  After two meals with Mark and I doing our own commentary on excursions we would offer if we were running the boat, the crew threatened to disembark us.  We were not dissuaded. Neither one of us bark very much anyway.

Once I learned the rules, it was a very relaxing cruise.  I was in the belly of the ship 8 days, then the Lord spoke to the captain of the ship and he throw me out on dry land. Now I know how Jonah felt.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that Bill and Gloria Gaither have given me to use my gifts to bring the hope of Christ to others.  The message of living “Fully Alive” continues to touch lives from around the world and will be in over 150 theaters March 22 and 25th. 

This team makes me feel like family.  Thanks to the entire group and to Inspiration Cruises for loving on Diane and me.

Even though I spent several days lying in my room sick and tease about the rules on a ship I am amazed how Inspiration Cruises go out of their way to make everyone on the ship feel like a VIP.  

There you have it.   I am a rebel with a cause. 

Draw a line, I will step over it!

Bake a cookie, I will eat it!

Give me a message of truth and hope, I will shout it till I can shout no more.       Are you a rebel with a cause?