God’s Wife

bigstock-Classic-man-shoes-33845657 There are gushy stories that manipulate the emotions—then there are tales that genuinely pluck the strings of your heart. It’s a very fine line between the two.

The following story plays beautiful music on my heart strings. This one came to me through the Internet. I came within a breath of banishing it as the cyber-trash but I salvaged it. This is more than just another Good Samaritan tale. It’s a challenge to each of us to live up to our royal heritage.

It was a cold December day in New York City. A little boy stood in front of a shoe store on Broadway, barefoot and shivering. He peered intently through the plate glass window. A woman walked up to the boy and asked, “Little fellow, why are you looking into that window so earnestly?”

“I was asking God to give me a pair of shoes,” the boy replied.

The lady studied him for a moment, then quietly took him by the hand. Together they walked into the shoe store. Inside, she asked the clerk to bring a half-dozen pairs of socks for the boy. Then she asked for a basin of water and a towel. The clerk brought them quickly.

The woman took the little boy to the rear of the store, removed her gloves then knelt and began to wash his feet. She dried them with the towel just as the clerk appeared with the socks. The woman placed a pair of socks on the boy’s feet and selected a pair of shoes in his size. She bundled the remaining socks, and handed him the package.

As they left the store the woman patted the boy on the head. “I hope you feel more comfortable now,” she smiled.

She turned to go but, the wide-eyed little boy caught her by the hand. He looked up into her face and asked, “Are you God’s wife?”

[reminder]I couldn’t help but wonder how many lives I touch in a way that makes people wonder if I am directly related to God? How about you?[/reminder]