Tips for Avoiding Road Kill

5 Tips for Avoiding Road Kill!

shutterstock_157081274Much of my life is spent on the road which makes the concept of sensible eating an oxymoron.  I am certain you have experienced the havoc that a vacation or even a few days of travel can wreak on your waistline and your spirit.

Road kill?  What a horrible name!  Yet the foods we eat when traveling often leave us half dead, devoid of energy, and way off track in our efforts to live fully alive.  Bad eating habits on the road can destroy the joy of a trip and leave us feeling sluggish and guilty.

Here are five tips to help you stay fully alive as you travel.

1. Know where you will stop.  
Plan ahead where you are going to eat, and avoid fast food places.  The only thing fast about fast food is how quickly it can move through your body and how fast it can knock the energy from you.  Fast food doesn’t even move.  It just lies under a heat lamp until we are foolish enough to move it.

Often the fast foods we crave the most are the quickest to leave us feeling the worst.  Can you say “French fries”? Plan ahead to stop at sensible places that have healthy options. I admit that some fast food places offer healthy options, but you are surrounded by temptation.  Unless you are committed and know what you are eating, skip past fast!

2. Know how often you will eat.  
Stop to eat your regular meals.  Avoid the temptation to skip meals or drive an extra two hours and delay eating. This may save time, but it will also convince your body it is starving.

A body so convinced will want store up what you eat next for the coming famine.  That storage place is called FAT!  Start with a good breakfast, bring healthy snacks of nuts, vegetables, berries, and other fruit and enjoy a reasonable snack between each main meal.  You will feel much more energy and burn calories more efficiently than if you wait too long between meals.

3. Know what you should eat. Getting enough protein is the secret to  maintaining energy, staying focused and being strong. Google the foods listed under “lean protein” and focus on eating them as you travel.  By the way, actual “road kill” is filled with protein but I don’t recommend it.

4. Know what you shouldn’t eat.

  Here’s a couple of tips that have helped me.

  • If  is comes in a box, it could possibly put you in one.
  • If it tastes good but makes you feel bad, you can be assured it’s not good.
  • If it’s loaded with sugar it will lift you up and drop you like a rock.

If it’s loaded with chemicals and preservatives, steer clear.

5. Know how much to eat.  Forget the admonitions of your mother.  “Eat everything on you plate.”  Most restaurants load a single plate with enough food to feed half the third world.

Here’s another bad piece of advice…. “eat until you’re not hungry.”   Sugar, salt and added flavors can trick you into thinking you want more long after you’ve had enough.  Know what you are eating, know the amount you should eat, eat that much  and stop!

Don’t let poor habits kill the energy and joy of  your next road trip.

This is not an exhaustive list of ideas you can find more details at these sites: Men’s Fitness  Wiki How NUTRITION

[reminder]Other than leaving the children home, do you have some good advice about eating while on the road? [/reminder]